These Are The Nude Celebrity Stats From 2018 That Matter

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Alexandra Daddario nude scene


Mr. Skin’s Year In Review is finally here, and if you think it’s similar to PornHub’s long-running Year In Review in both content and exact same title, then you are so wrong. These are the only numbers that mattered in 2018, and thanks to this handy dandy infographic, you can get all the deets on your favorite movies, TV shows, and actresses in one place. The most viewed celeb was blessedly Alexandra Daddario, who narrowly beat out some chick who was discovered by a pedophile when she was fourteen.

Something called Daisy Diamond was the most viewed title of 2018, with Emmy Rossum‘s Shameless coming in at number four. Let’s see here. One user supposedly watched Mr. Skin clips continuously for 749 hours, which means he probably just died while on his computer. The TV show with the most nudity in 2018 was Nude, and most importantly, the most viewed Jenndashian on was Kendall Jenner. 170,203 times. People are animals.


What was the most searched celebrity in 2018

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