Annabella Sciorra Testifies Against Weinstein

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I want to preface this by saying that YES, I do think Harvey Weinstein abused his power. Yes, Harvey Weinstein is a pervert weirdo creep. YES, what people are saying about him makes him enough of a rapist to be put away because rapists are bad. Yes, rapists and all sex offenders should go to jail.

That really isn’t up for debate. So I don’t need to hear any VICTIM blamer / Victim Shamer / Support All Women, BULLSHIT.

The thing that gets me on this Weinstein scandal or revelation is that this wasn’t some deep dark secret that wasn’t out there over the last 20 years. It wasn’t something unknown. There are documented jokes. There are out of court settlements. This was no secret.

Yet all the celebrities would praise the guy for being a genius. Maybe because he cut them checks. Maybe because he was the boss of a powerful movie company. Maybe because they actually didn’t care what he did with his dick and only cared about what he did with movies, or more specifically for their careers.

So all these celebrities who were well aware of what dude was up to and probably well aware of to what extent he was up to it, ignored that, but all of a sudden the general public get wind of it, it blows up, snowballs, becomes a figurehead or a benchmark case to set a precedent in the industry and for powerful men everywhere and the same people he likely goes to St Barths with every New Years eve are pretending they don’t know the motherfucker.

In one acceptance speech, Meryl Streep called him GOD while knowing he was a pervert.

So that aspect of this whole Weinstein thing annoys me, even though I know celebrities have soul and will say whatever they will say to satisfy the person who cuts the checks, since they are puppets. Full of shit puppets who are just trying to keep the jobs and pay checks coming and willing watch a rapist rape for 25 years because he pays the bills.

Which is probably one of the reasons Weinstein is in this mess in the first place. these celebrities are opportunists and will do ANYTHING to get where they want to go an I mean anything.

I remember meeting a movie producer years ago who told me about Charlize Theron being discovered in a bank at a time when she was legitimately out of money and about to run back to South Africa to face her murder charges. Obviously, I’m joking, Charlize isn’t the one who killed her dad, and if she was, her mom did a great job of making her not a suspect.

Anyway, this movie producer told me that Charlize Theron at this rock bottom moment in her life was just off of Playboy and modelling and broke. When they told her she’d be perfect for a movie they were working on, she said “I’ll do anything for this job, ANYTHING”. She didn’t even care what the movie was, or what she’d be doing in the movie, she was ready. So that’s just one example that I know first hand of a casting couch that with the right producer would have ended up in sex for a job. I probably can’t legally say this since I wasn’t there and it’s hearsay and RUMORS, but I’ll say it anyway. Being sued by Charlize for saying she was willing to bang to get a job according to a movie producer who worked with her is a life dream of mine.

That said, I know bartenders and bar managers and bar owners who back in the day would have the hot aspiring bartender “date” them to get the job. The sluttier the girl the further she gets ahead I guess. Maybe it’s because of her liking adventure, being opportunist and ambitious. I am not slut shaming or saying it is wrong. I am just saying what I have seen in my life when it comes to women climbing that ladder in job or socially.

I have also known low level actresses over the years and every single one of them has slept with either a celebrity, a celebrity DJ, a producer, an agent, or a marketing person high up at a company. I guess they figure they want to get laid, it might as well with people who know people. To get them sitting at the powerful table.

Then there’s the whole powerful table conversation. The men at those tables because they are often men are power hungry, A-Personality types who knew from a young age they wanted to make moves, make money, that money would command respect and they designed their careers that way. They also knew if they worked in the entertainment industry there would be hot pussy trying to make it in the entertainment industry, which would be a perfect place to get laid.

I’ve known local DJs who became DJs strictly because girls would line up to fuck them at the end of the night, way easier than trying to impress them through conversation at the bar. It’s the laws of attraction man. Girls like what is perceived as the center of the room.

So someone like Weinstein, a Troll Fuck, proves himself with a series of successes, becomes the most powerful dude in Hollywood, is considered a genius…that’s got appeal. So here’s dude who feels validated, like everything he ever dreamt for himself has worked out for him, making him the peacock in the room that women are magnetically attracted to, for ALL the wrong reasons, sure, but he knows that, which is why it is probably hard for him to respect these women or see them as anything but whores. Since they are ACTING like whores.

Then there’s the whole never getting caught aspect of the whole thing. If a dude commits a crime and gets away for it over and over again, or can buy himself out of it over and over again, he’s going to think he’s invincible and keep on doing it.

Then there’s the whole girls, despite hearing the stories not caring, and taking solo meetings with him at 5 am in his hotel room. No where every in the world has that been seen as a great time or location for a business meeting. Even the dumbest of people, who aren’t even that dumb, but who play that dumb know that you take a meeting with a dude whether you know his reputation or not, during office hours at an office or restaurant with your damn manager. You don’t set yourself up to be raped.

Again, not Victim Blaming, but if drink a bottle of vodka and get hit by a train, I sure as hell hope you all call me an idiot and that you don’t get called a Victim Blamer. Sometimes you get what you “deserve” for the actions you take.

People aren’t inherently good, not even billionaire movie moguls with a history of anger and outrage and more importantly being a fucking creep. So to think “this is innocent” is lying to your damn self. Hard to have sympathy about that.

So here we are at the second or third day of the Weinstein trial and Annabella Sciorra, an actress, who I am sure prides herself on being an actress, and thus is a liar by definition of her career brought on as a “star witness” to either help make her mark on the industry or change the industry, or maybe to get some revenge on Weinstein because she never got a chance to in the 90s when he raped her and the media is getting mad at Harvey’s defence.

First off, they are his defence, and their job is to discredit the actress. Secondly, she’s only there to set a narrative that Harvey’s been a rapist since the 90s. Her case isn’t a case because she never reported it and it happened too long ago. But it’s great media fodder.

So websites like BUZZFEED the clickbait site turned credible news outlet because memes are news is complaining about his lawyers tactics say they are pushing the whole VICTIM BLAMING or Victim Shaming storyline despite just asking questions.

We live in an era where you can’t ask questions about a rape from the accuser for fear of hurting the person crying rape without any regard for the person being called a rapist. You don’t want to trigger them?

The rape according to Sciorra went like this:

Sciorra said she was starting to get ready for bed following a group dinner, when she heard a knock at her door. When she answered, she said Weinstein pushed his way in and began walking around “as if he was checking to see if I was alone in the apartment.”

“When he started to unbutton his shirt and then I realized that he wanted to have sex,” she testified in court, “I started to back up and thought I could make it into my bathroom. And I kept telling him it wasn’t going to happen.”

But before she got to the bathroom, Sciorra said Weinstein grabbed her by the front of her dress around her collar, led her into the bedroom, and raped her.

Sciorra, holding her arms crossed above her head to demonstrate how Weinstein allegedly had her pinned down, told jurors that she did not remember a lot of what happened next, but that Weinstein raped her, then performed nonconsensual oral sex on her.

After he was done, Sciorra said Weinstein ejaculated on her leg.

They go on to say:

“I thought … I thought he was a nice person, I thought he was an OK guy,” she said, sobbing. “At the time I thought rape was something that happened in the dark, in a back alley, something a stranger did to you with a gun to your head.”

Sciorra told jurors that she had a hard time telling anyone about what had happened to her. After the assault, she said, she became increasingly withdrawn and spent more and more time at her home in Gramercy Park. Sciorra said that at this time, she also began to self-harm.

“I had this wall in my apartment that was white, that I began to paint it a blood-red color with tubes of oil paint and blood from my hands.”

The whole thing is just so theatrical. I guess that only makes sense. You know, Hollywood.



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