Gigi Hadid is a Potential Juror in the Harvey Weinstein Case

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Gigi Hadid is a New York based “model” and I use that word loosely, because despite working as a model, she’s really just an LA rich kid who had her career bought by her dad, Mohammed.

It’s not some big secret that he is rumored to have paid a million dollars for a magazine cover in some prestigious magazine that fully launched her. Not to mention his bum-buddy Paul Marciano, another Hollywood creeper used her in his Guess? campaigns to elevate or bring credibility to help that career.

It was good timing, the social media platforms were booming and if you were able to rise to the top of those channels in terms of followers, you obviously mattered, at least to the booking agents and so the world was gifted Gigi Hadid. Thanks Mohammed, I feel like one of your sugar babies in her 20s you’re paying the rent for.

The latest news about her is not that her and One Direction are getting back together, even though that was a news headline to remind us that pop culture media is the absolute worse.

It is that she is among 120 potential jurors called in for the Weinstein case. It’s a rape trial.

During Jury selection, she claimed she could be impartial despite having met the Perv Tycoon and despite all her other socialite, instagram model friends turning on the Perv Tycoon. Not to mention, her dad probably went to a few “casting” parties with Weinstein when trying to convince him to cast one of the girls he was paying rent for.

LA is not a very big place for people of their “stature”, but the question remains does Gigi support a man taking advantage of a woman’s willingness to throw herself at him in exchange for Hollywood fame, or does she side with the women who feel violated by Weinstein abusing the power.

Weinstein claims he doesn’t know her, sounds like an inside job to me, girl has millions of followers how can he not know her.

More importantly, maybe she truly is “Impartial” you know, since she’s a muppet.

We call this…”a publicity stunt”.


Here are some old pics of her playing with balls, as she does, while I fix some things on the site.









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