Woman in “Falling Through Ice” Rescue Video says she’s been body-shamed

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This is an amazing story that brings hope to those of us that remember the internet when it was a pure cesspool of “anything goes”. You know when you could hide behind your screen and say all the craziest things you wanted to say and not face any recourse, or any lawsuits, or any accusations of being a CYBERBULLY.

It was actually great for the mental health of all, except maybe the people you were in a flame war with, but they had every tool needed to get their revenge back at you, you know an internet connection and a keyboard.

So this story goes like this:

A woman fell into icy waters in Michigan. Michigan does that to people. Maybe it’s the lead poisoning.

The footage of the rescue (posted above) went viral on facebook, because everyone was like “How’d this idiot end up in the freezing cold waters of Michigan”.

The woman identified as Korisa Miller wrote:

She wrote that some viewers should be “ashamed” of themselves for their remarks about her.

“I know better than to go on the ice when it is not fully frozen over I am not stupid,” Miller wrote. “I did have clothes on. I had a hoodie and a large winter coat on. When they tried pulling me up, my hoodie and coat was choking me so they had to rip it off of me. I did not go fishing in a tank top.

“I was fishing on the dock and when I turned around I slipped,” Miller continued. “My knee bashed the dock and I hit the ice. It took only a few seconds for the ice to give in because as all of you have been saying I am a thick woman. The spot where I fell in the water was 12 feet deep I had to hang on to stay alive.”

I mean if you see a Sheriffs office post a video of a woman in a tank top being pulled out of the water by a bunch of men, your instinct is to laugh at her. Remember America’s Funniest Home Video? A billion dollar brand built on this very thing. Not to mention, when it comes to falling through ice, weight does have a lot to do with it, so if you’re big, you’ll have more of a chance of getting dunked.

I guess what it comes down to is you’re all a bunch of whiners, it isn’t body shaming to point out that a fat girl is fat, especially when it is a story that wouldn’t have happened if she was light enough for the ice to support her.

Either way, it made me laugh.



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