Billie Eilish Just Killed James Bond

February 14, 2020 | movies | Shot Dunyun | 0 Comments

I assume James Bond kills himself in the latest film because the theme song that they hired Billie Eillish to produce is so depressing. I mean this is great for Billie, she just turned 18 which means she was 4 years old when Casino Royale came out, which was the first instalment of Daniel Craig as Bond, and No Time To Die will be his last. Before he is replaced by someone more inclusive because its 2020. Speaking of 2020, do we even need another James Bond movie? Shouldn’t we just go back and re-watch the old ones. Let’s kill off Bond along with Daniel Craig while this death inducing song plays in the background..

So here is the new theme song, which sounds a lot like Lana Del Rey but I guess thats just Billie’s angle. Nothing will beat Adele’s Skyfall – they still play that shit everywhere.

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