Britney Spears is back in the Hospital

February 19, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun | 0 Comments

Apparently Britney Spears broke the metatarsal bone in her foot while dancing and had to be sent to the hospital yesterday. And while that might be a normal thing, it could also be her “handlers” forcing her to go through TRAUMA to continue the trauma based MIND CONTROL they have over her.

Britney is a pop queen and a forever icon and money maker, so ~they will keep hold of her until long after her death, however she’s had to be reprogrammed many times in the past, as recent as last April when she spend 30 days in a hospital due to a “deeply personal family issue.” But the tea is that Britney was actually in rehearsals for her Las Vegas show Domination, when her father found out that she wasn’t taking her prescribed medications correctly, so they took her to the doctor who suggested new meds, Britney apparently refused and her father threatened to take away the second Vegas show, which Jamie followed through on, pulling the show and telling her to blame it on his illness. Britney did just that and posted a lengthy Instagram post about her dad’s illness and how she’s decided to cancel the show…

A few days later she was seen driving her white Mercedes to a drive through with her befriend Sam, which is another rule her father apparently has for her. No driving allowed. I guess they can’t stop her from just driving off into the distance and escaping her fathers control. Anyway so she’s out here breaking rules, they threw her into the hospital last year saying she was there for a few weeks but had been there longer than a month. Who knows if any of that is actually TRUE but thats the word on the street. It’s fair to say that it’s likely that Brit has been in the hospital for more than a day considering we haven’t seen an IG post of herself yet this month…

I stand with the “Free Britney” crowd, I can totally dig that she’s been a victim of mind control from an early age and is back in the hospital now, being reprogrammed and having her foot broken to induce the mind control.

Britney has been under conservatorship since 2007 when she famously shaved her head, her father has control of all her money, in 13 years she has not been allowed access to her own money, or to plan her own life. However she has been allowed to produce 4 albums and sign to a 4 year Las Vegas residency. We need to free Britney?!

Here is apparently a voice mail Britney left lawyers asking them to help her out of her conservatorship. Sad..



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