Halle Berry Bragging About her Diet

March 16, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun | 0 Comments

Actress Halle Berry decided to share what she eats in a day, she’s doing the Keto diet and has been working out. Halle is always posting photos of her abs now that she’s over 50. I would say, if Halle can live on this she will have no trouble making it through the end of the world, she

Breakfast is a fresh juice made of Purium, greens and beets, for lunch she has 12 green beans and a spoonful of bolognese sauce, dinner is Arctic Char (which she called attic char, another case of ebonics) fish filet with olive salsa and cauliflower mash, she finishes her day with a snack made up of cherry tomatoes, cheese and scallions. Who sits there and eats just straight scallions like that?

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