Man, You Got Some F***ed Up Friends

April 17, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden | 0 Comments

I just so happened to stumble on this Youtube video the other day while I was looking for channels that get away with showing boobs. It’s like a modern day scavenger hunt! Anyways, this is some repugnant shit. Sure, it all seems like off the rails, Eddie Bravo style conspiracy drivel at first, but then it gets to the real stuff. The proven stuff. It gets to Google, and it is mind blowing (and vomit inducing). Now, I took the advise of the disclaimer and didn’t try to search it myself and I suggest you do the same (we don’t have Pete Townsend money to prove it’s just for “research”), but it certainly looks legit. It’s only 26 minutes long and I know you’ve got nothing to do right now so give it a go. If it’s fake, it’s at least engaging. If it’s real well, get your torches boys. We’re going monster hunting.

Tyler Durden



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