They Can’t Eat You: How to Survive Cancel Culture

April 6, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden | 0 Comments

“They can’t control you if you don’t have or want anything. The way to control someone who doesn’t have anything is to give him something, then hold it against him.” – Patrice O’Neal

Louis C.K. just released his latest comedy special “Sincerely” online and it will make him millions of dollars. Why? Because he’s a funny fucker. He’s also a habitual masturbator. It’s why some female comedians tried to get him “Cancelled”. One such comic was Rebecca Corry. Who is Rebecca Corry? Exactly. No one gives a shit. She’s not funny. She’s not talented. She’s not attractive. No one cares. Therein lies the rub kids. Louis is at least two of those things. Three if you’re into balding red-headed white Mexicans (yes, he’s Mexican…no…really). The guy is hilarious and people will always watch someone that’s that funny. If you build it, they will come. Sure a few years ago it was up to studio and television executives whether or not you were seen by the masses, but now it’s all at your fingertips. They can’t take away what they didn’t give you. If you have the tools you’ll get the work, even if you do something “awful”, because it’s not about what you did to people, it’s always about what you can do FOR people. With that said, I’m gonna watch Louis’ special…and I’m gonna jerk off the entire time.

Your Degenerate,
Tyler Durden.



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