Kneel Before Mob

May 27, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden | 0 Comments

Jimmy Fallon is an idiot. Not because he sucks at his gig on The Tonight Show, or just sucks in general, but because he bowed to the social justice mob. The ‘comedian’ recently apologized for dressing up as Chris Rock on an SNL skit from 20 years ago. 20. Fucking. Years. Ago. He should be apologizing because it’s not funny, not the blackface.

Never bow to the mob…ever. Once you do, they have you. If they have you, they can cast you out. If you don’t owe anyone anything, they can’t take anything away from you. If you thought it was good, it was. Fuck the haters. ESPECIALLY if you’re a comedian. In a world Full of Fallons, be a Chappelle.

Fuck Yo Couch,
Tyler Durden




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