Shut Up Karen!

May 11, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden | 0 Comments

Reese Witherspoon is awful. From her giant forehead to her horrible films. She sucks. She sucks balls. She also sucks at life, because apparently it’s just too hard for the world famous multi-millionaire. In a recent interview with CBS, the star of…I dunno…some shit I’ve never seen, spoke on just how she copes with being a celebrity and a mom to what I’m guessing are horribly ugly children.

“Oh my gosh, I’ll lay on the floor and cry. Or I’ll sit in my car and cry. Yeah, sometimes I’m totally overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed.”

It’s weird to me how much these “strong” women are always crying. I know this chick who’s training to be a fire fighter. I don’t even think she can cry. She’s Russian. I’m pretty sure all Russians are born without tear ducts. Anyway, I hate Reese Witherspoon. She should shut the fuck up and just show her semi-large tits, thick thighs, and fat ass. Hey. I never said I wouldn’t bang her. She’d just have to wear a hat and never speak.

Hatefully Yours,
Tyler Durden



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