This Is A Rough One

May 4, 2020 | Uncategorized | Tyler Durden | 0 Comments

Bella Thorne has been through a lot. From childhood abuse to being being blackmailed over nude photos. I truly don’t want her to suffer any further. Unfortunately she’s hanging now out with Ruby Rose. The worst person on earth. What did the poor woman do to deserve this?

Look. I really want to talk shit about Bella, but one time I was trying to smoke and didn’t have a lighter and all of a sudden some chick pops out of nowhere and with a zippo and fired me up. I told her she looked a lot like Bella Thorne and she said¬† “I get that a lot”. I said thanks, she said “No problem”, and then walked away.¬† A minute later I realized it was actually Bella Thorne and I’ve been a fan ever since.

But I can’t stand Ruby Rose. Fuck her. Fuck her right up her stupid ass. Batwoman sucks balls.

Yes. I know this sucked, but I was drinking all night and woke up still drunk. Cut me some slack. We’re all boring right now.

Your Friend,
Tyler Durden




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