You Deserved It

May 13, 2020 | Ask Tyler | Tyler Durden | 0 Comments

Lisa Urso was mauled to death by her French Bulldog. Lisa Urso was not in a wheelchair. Lisa Urso was not an invalid. Lisa Urso was not paralyzed. Lisa Urso was a 52 year old woman that was killed by a Frenchie. I’ve done more damage to myself masturbating than I would by being attacked by a French Bulldog. Those fuckers can’t even breath properly. Run around for 10 minutes and they’ll all have asthma attacks. Lisa Urso is where she should be right now, because Lisa Urso was useless. Utterly useless…unless this was the most absurd murder cover-up in the history of the world, or she didn’t have a single chair in her house to stand on.

Still Astonished,
Tyler Durden.



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