Deputy Sheriff Shaq Saves the Day

July 27, 2020 | News | Media Man | 0 Comments

This happened about a week ago but still a great story!

Shaq is often described as a Gentle Giant, which is a lazy journalist’s way to avoid more urban terms – would you call Simone Biles an Angry Midget? Diesel got into the news cycle this week by helping a mortal citizen in Florida, as Big Media likes to spread some Good News around to capture what eyeballs aren’t going to “Some Are Outaged at …” clickbait.

Stories of a millionaire helping the little man (pun!) make us all feel better, but this isn’t Shaq’s first time working for free. Sure he can’t hit foul shots, decided Kobe’s funeral was a good time to play cute, and you can’t watch broadcast TV without Shaq shilling cars or back-pain or some boomer crap.

But Shaquille has strived to do the right thing off the court, helping inner-city kids, donating to Fort McMurray fire survivors, and actually practicing law enforcement instead of ripping it. He also hoisted Gronk at some Vegas party in the largest stacking of men since the Easter Island statues were erected. Shaq seems to be fond of wearing the cap of a Good Man.

Maybe it’s easy for millionaires to be generous, but you don’t see Jeff Bezos helping some longshoreman change a tire on I-5.

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