Is Epstein to Blame for Maxwell’s Involvement?

July 21, 2020 | News | Media Man | 0 Comments

You can hear the anti-men warriors struggling to spin the story of Ghislaine Maxell, Jeffrey Epstein’s fallen arranger; and although Big Media is enjoying a second helping of salacious click-bait, they too need a PC angle. Was Maxwell just a one-in-a-million female aberration? Was she manipulated, or mentally ill? Maybe the Clinton-Industrial complex held sway over her, and was she forced into bad choices in a sea of money and Evil Men.

Or perhaps she’s an unredeemable mf like Epstein, as nihilistic and uncaring about the abuse and disposal of young women as he. Men everywhere rejoiced when this above-the-law pervert was arrested and took the short way out, and soon we’ll see how culpable Maxwell is on taking the same path. Her pending incarceration doesn’t fit the feminista mythos of the all-controlling Patriarchy, and many excuses will be made via blogs and Hollywood apologists.

Maybe there’s more to the story of Maxwell, Epstein, jet-fueled princes, and big-ticket prostitution – or maybe she’s simply a giant bitch.

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