Cardi B Loves Women

August 21, 2020 | News | Media Man | 0 Comments

We’ve got a great idea to empower men to solve the specific healthcare issues, spousal abuse, and general bad press that Being Male entails. WWTDD is running a hashtag that will randomly distribute $1 million to 2000 Men – and men only – based on need and merit. Just tweet #WAPParty and share your inspirational story, and the Benjamins are on their way dude!

Ok, call it fantasy, politically incorrect, or Twitter-spit – but if you change the gender to Women, it’s legal and celebrated and propagated. Bc that’s what Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are running on social media, with lots of stereotypical pink and shiny hair. (Who’s underwriting this, Garnier shampoo?)

The reason this is not sexist is bc women are doing this for women. Of course, if women were giving money away to men (only), or children, or eastern click-to-order-transvestites, it would also be apolitical and groundbreaking. Goop would provide free samples of vaginal cleanser.

But if Men were to perform an act of charity with restrictions, it would be called sexist, demeaning, and fostering the patriarchy. Virtual currency bro-ism. Those brave masculine souls who tweet out any criticism or hint of sexist hypocrisy are already being shouted down with all-caps.

There is no female equivalent for man-spreading, and there is no such thing as reverse sexism – it’s just Sexism.

Here she is doing the splits…




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