Women are Winning / Losing Hollywood

August 25, 2020 | Gossip | Media Man | 0 Comments

The feminist narrative that women have been powerless in Hollywood since its inception doesn’t hold up to historical fact. Entertainment Media is constantly beating the drum about systemic inequality in showbiz, while simultaneously recognizing the “strong contributions” women have made in the past – sometimes on the same page. It’s a mind-boggling message of exclusion and outrage tempered with contradictory stories of tear-jerking victories.

This time, anti-men bloggers are crowing about the high number of women nominated for Emmys this year, as if television production lurched in tatters without a single woman in charge. This conspiracy continues for movies and videogames, despite evidence to the contrary (e.g. Amy Poehler is making a documentary about queen-bee Lucille Ball).

A quick Google search shows the number of women who’ve held power and influence in Hollywood echelons: Ball, director/producer Penny Marshall, Oprah Winfrey, studio head Sherry Lansing, Barbara Walters, Broadway head Julie Taymor, Avengers producer Trinh Tran, and “pioneer” Dorothy Arzner, who joined the Directors Guild of American in 1927. Bitches been making movies for 90 years; if you’re looking for a patriarchy that’s held back “brave” women from exceeding in Hollywood, you can point the finger to molls like Lansing, Winfrey, and Tran.

Womyn want to celebrate all the success females have had in Hollywood over the years, while simultaneously railing against the patriarchy that has denied that success. Either women in Hollywood were “ground-breaking” for a century, or showbiz is a pit of toxic masculinity – it can’t be both. Women will never be happy in Hollywood (or anywhere) bc it can never be achieved.

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