Kate Upton – Dream Woman

September 4, 2020 | Celebs | Media Man | 0 Comments

We at WWTDD aren’t against women – for example, there’s Kate Upton. Based on what we know about Upton and her recent pic on the gram, we’d like to reaffirm our undying love for this American Goddess.

The reasons are pretty obvious from a Google search, but her track record from that virginal, jiggly video – a dance she does with pure joy and femininity, btw – that allowed her to level-up in the wicked world of modeling to today is colp.

After making bank and landing her sugar-daddy (ace pitcher Justin Verlander), she spends her time modeling (thank god), staying in shape, fostering dogs, and raising her toddler. Sure she probably has a small army of nannies and healthcare workers to raise baby while Justin is on the tour, but she seems to have more interest in being a mother than, say, Madonna, who likely confuses her African purchases between shots.

When her man is threatened she launches a fiery (and a bix sexy?) tweet at MLB, suggesting voters are gravely mistaken about who the MVP is, and questioning their sexual choices.

What man wouldn’t want a woman with her health, drive, and maternal instincts? A recent poolside photo shows her enjoying a bottle of wine, pizza (2 pieces – she’s not a pig), and a sensible dog, in the house her bikini built – throw in a PS5 and it’s exactly what we’d like to come home to. Males don’t just want females to provide cooking and bjs (although pictures during the Fappening suggest it’s on the table here) – but we do want them to be women.

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