In Defense of the Bieb

October 14, 2020 | News | Media Man | 0 Comments

It’s hard as a heterosexual male to get a handle on adult Justin Bieber, pop star and tatted multimillionaire. On the one hand, he worships a Man’s sport (hockey), plays drums, has a strong faith, deflowered hottie Selena Gomez, and scored model Hailey Baldwin … okay maybe this isn’t so hard.

Is it wrong for us manly men to flirt with becoming Biebtards? I know, he keeps a yappy little dog and has a boyish grin and still panders to teenage girls e.g. he “designed” some Crocs with charms that are selling like Presidential pardons. He’s had a few teenaged carmelyzed moments – but who among us hasnt wanted to climb a tree and shout truth in a public park when stoned out of your focking mind?

As a businessman, via luck or connections or perhaps talent (!) he’s worth over $250 mill and attached himself to the most popular Spanish-language song of the century (Despacito). He doesn’t think he’s god, like contemporaries Kanye and Mariah and Enrique, and subtle in his conversions (sometimes).

Maybe he’s acting out and maybe he’s gay and maybe Selena Gomez is the last virgin he’ll ever tap; but if pretending means I get to spoon Hailey every night – wheres my drumkit.




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