Chess is Hot

November 25, 2020 | News | Media Man | 0 Comments

… no of course it’s not, but you do need a big brain and life above the poverty line to play at a boss level. For some reason, to have that brain housed behind a pretty face and long hair is still a novelty, as exposed by a BBC report on sisters Andrea and Alexandra Botez.

Where the hell did we Men get that idea that you can’t be attractive and intelligent at the same time? Is this some Boomer holdover from Marilyn Monroe or Chrissy on “Three’s Company” or AOC (jk) that fos is equated with stupidity?

The Botez sisters have “The Queen’s Gambit” to thank for their newfound clicks, but they are also as haf as star Anya Taylor-Joy, and obviously as mink (as the woman she portrays). Although Taylor-Joy is #1 on our list of semi-famous actresses we’d love to see naked – bc gorgy – we’d rather see the Botez-iz stream chess matches in tight sweaters. One thing at a time cowboy.

We at WWTDD are always ready to be a kept man, and if that means your gf knows more world capitals than you, c’est-la-vie. Babe, you take your 125 IQ and yoto skirt and disaffected stare downtown to conquer Wall Street, and we’ll keep the apartment (and your legs) clean. Ain’t no complaining about who scores highest on Jeopardy when your mamasita looks like a Botez girl.

Story via BBC



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