Andre the Giant Amongst Men

January 28, 2021 | ATHLETES | Media Man | 0 Comments

It was 28 years ago this week that the world lost a great Man, Andre the Giant. The Parisian wrestler and sometime actor succumbed to the inevitable heart failure that comes with being a hella Big Man.

His story and documentary are worth a click – this Guy didn’t ask for what happened to him, but by all accounts was friendly and generous about his “condition”. It woulda been easy to be an asshole when you speak french can bench a Ferris-wheel.

Dude had to tolerate corrupt WWE owners, hucksters (or both), and Hulk Hogan. Everyone wanted a piece, everyone was a fan, and it musta been balls to smile when you stand out in every crowd, don’t speak the language, and you’ve known since you were a teen that you wouldn’t see your 50 birthday.

Roussimoff liked to play cards, hang with his dogs, drink, and buy shit on TV. When he died he left everything to his daughter and got cremated – solid moves.

Pour out a 40 of French red wine for this fallen giant – woulda been banging to have you around a few more years Andre



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