The Dream is Over

February 5, 2021 | SPORTS | Media Man | 0 Comments

Onoz – the National Women’s Hockey League is folding bc virus! Well, it’s obviously folding bc money (taint got enough), but as per ESPN the 10 game tournament for World Champion (we guess) is over.

Yeah I never heard of them either, but this is a bullet to the brain for … junior female hockey players? Sports fans? Grade C franchise owners? Lesbians living outside Lake Placid that were looking to get some?

There are billions being spent by the NBA, NFL, NHL, and perhaps MLB (cheap bastards) on keeping their game alive during this Stupid Virus – not counting the billions of Euros spent on European soccer (Messi’s $160 million annual salary (Google it) ain’t just from selling scarfs). Cobbling together a few chips for slow, fingers-crossed testing and containment is not gonna scratch enough for a league that generates less than Gronk spends in a weekend in Vegas.

It’s yet another blow to the fantasy that professional women’s sports should be paid the same as men. Are these women athletic, driven, and talented – yes. Would I pay to watch women’s hockey – absolutely, and not in a women’s beach volleyball muggin at thongs way. Do I think these athletes should get the same coin as their male counterparts – no way in frozen hell.

Story By: ESPN

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