Wingsuiter Goes Boom and Weiner Takes a Dump in The Last Men on Earth Podcast #58

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt and I delve deep into Anthony Weiner's hungry hungry hippo, wonder aloud who might be trying to stop women from parading topless, I get to share my most intimate Lenny Dyktra moment never before revealed, we laugh at dead... read more

Chris Brown Defenders Lining Up Against the Bitch Who Set Him Up

From the moment word went out that some bitch set up Chris Brown on weapons charges, the Chris Brown army of defenders snapped into action. Those defenders being primarily women who wish Brown had punched them in the maw instead of that stupid whore Rihanna. That's... read more

Izabel Goulart Lingeries On The Runway And Shit Around The Web

Izabel Goulart looks hot as fuck in lingerie during a fashion show. She's DTF, provided you've got a clean driving record and a substantial nest egg. Otherwise just tug one out like the next shlump in line. read more

Sara Jean Underwood Gone Fishing

"What has she got that I don't have?" is the first misinformed step in a journey of disappointment for so many women. Men will commit themselves as far as an overpriced pair of sneakers believing there's little separating them from Durant. read more

CJ Franco in A Bikini

Experience along informs me that this chick is self-described as an actress, model, and dancer. She's also the twenty-something with the killer body Kate Beckinsale's husband Len Wiseman traded his wife in for. read more

Somebody Got the Bad Sperm

Here's some advice just for the ladies. Look into the eyes of the man fucking a baby into you. Will your kid be kind and intuitive and genial, or will he be the Krueger offspring of a nun raped by a thousand maniacs? At least make an educated guess at the moment he tells... read more

Alessandra Ambrosio Has the Life

Whatever Brazilian models lack in terms of formal education, they make up for with instinct and loose leaf pamphlets they pass around discreetly to one another with tips on making it in America and Europe. It's like a Shawshank for super wealthy women with long tanned... read more

Hope Solo Quits For Real, Fuck, What Now for Women's Soccer?

Women's soccer was invented so people would stop bitching about how lame men's soccer was. It's not working. There was that time that masculine chick in a restrictive sports bra took her jersey off and that's all I remember. Until Hope Solo. Drunken raging redneck from a... read more

Selena Gomez Way Out Of The Lupus

You can't really take a disease like lupus seriously, because it's called lupus. If it was actually that bad its name would strike fear into your heart like AIDS or SARS or Dwight Howard. Selena Gomez has lupus. Again, you can't really take anyone seriously who's had... read more

Amber Heard's Last Movie Limping To The Finish Line

Rumor has it Amber Heard fucked Billy Bob Thornton on the set of a movie they filmed together, which would make sense because she's an opportunistic whore without morals who was already fucking another weird old guy with bad tattoos who she wasn't actually attracted to. read more

Madison Beer Thigh High Boots

Seventeen and a half seems very close to eighteen when you can start publicly discussing wanting to bang a manufacture teen pop with big knockers. Maybe you talk about wanting to spank her ass or something while you're waiting for the clock hands to move. read more

Chris Brown To Be Arrested

Chris Brown is set to be arrested by L.A.P.D. Spin the Chris Brown roulette wheel of tiny nimble criminal complaints for the charges. read more