Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Have Paris Figured Out

Some large number of pro athletes have older relatives who also excelled at the sport. Greatness isn't random. These chicks didn't wind up in see-through tops with hundreds of cameramen tracking them through Paris Fashion Week by some collision theory similar to the Big... read more

Young Thug Has A Legit Gripe With The Man

Whatever you want think of race issues in America, there's a serious problem with policing. Whether certain cops are specifically targeting blacks or just poor people with shitty legal representation who happen to be black is a matter of semantics. read more

Keke Palmer Secretly Filmed By Trey Songz

Model and mediocre singer Keke Palmer took to Instagram to explain how she was taken advantage of during a music video shoot, maybe not coincidentally the day before the Women's March madness. read more

Madonna Loses It At Women's Rights March (VIDEO)

There are probably a decent amount of men and women who voted for Trump to piss off annoying self-righteous assholes like Madonna. In fact, 40 percent of women who voted cast their ballot for Trump. Casting a ballot seems much more important than simply voting in your... read more

Chick Flick Reboots and Microsoft's Bestiality Gigs on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #73

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt and I delve into the inane mess of rebooting male movies with female casts, Joss Whedon rape murder torture threats, Microsoft kiddy torture porn jobs available, the sparseness of attractive women athletes and why that's okay,... read more

Josephine Skriver Bikinis With Other Victoria Secret Models And Shit Around The Web

VS models Josephine Skriver, Sara Sampaio, Elsa Hosk, and Lais Ribeiro bikini together. They're not lesbians, but they would be if we all pooled our money together for a show. read more

Sara Jean Underwood Big Guns Across America for Inauguration Day

While Hollywood weeps, literally, and the rest of America plans on buying Made in the U.S. t-shirts at Target starting in 2019, Sara Jean Underwood continues getting nearly naked in our nation's nature spots. She's like a travelogue that isn't particularly boring. read more

Ivan Reitman's Daughter Has Breasts (Mr. Skin Minute Video)

No matter who holds the office of President, the ties that bind all men together is the desire to see chicks take off their tops. Also, we like sandwiches. read more

Teen Wolf Fans Refusing to Look at Dick

Tyler Posey is famous for starring on the MTV Teen Wolf show where lots of dudes kiss, for dating Bella Thorne, and now for having his cock playing selfies leaked onto the Internet. There's nothing worse than when you want to take a fewvids of your member and share it... read more

Sacre Blu! Sophie Marceau Goes Topless And Shit Around The Web

French hottie Sophie Marceau takes off her top once more. If you like the bare breasts of fifty year old women, this is your zinger. Also, we can be friends. read more

Fiona Apple's Trump Protest Chant Certain to Catch On (AUDIO)

Everybody is doing their part to stop this monster Trump. Minus all the people who voted him into office obviously. Or the tons of other people who mostly don't give a shit. read more

Girl Scouts Feeling the Inauguration Hate

Girl Scouts used to be cute little she-devils who pushed poly-saturated cookies in front of the grocery store at the sharp end of a public shaming spear. Nobody could leave well enough alone. read more