When Salma Hayek Went Full Frontal (Mr Skin Minute VIDEO)

Hayek has no problem showing off her amazing rack and ass. This mentality has gotten her far. read more

It's Been a Long, Hard Week, But You Could Be Harder

This will give you something that'll turn that work week around. read more

Bella Thorne Bikinis On Instagram And Shit Around The Web

The incomparableBella Thorneshared her bikinied goodies on social media. Technically, she's comparable since there are a hundred chicks doing the exact same thing at the same time looking equally as good. But fuck you, I get points for big words. read more

Ja Rule's Fyre Festival Breaks Bad

Ja Rule and his buddies had a brilliant idea. Score some of that sweet ass Coachella cash from the same dummies who pay a relatively small millennial part-workers fortune to hang in the California desert each April. read more

Lonzo Ball's Dad Has It All Figured Out

Lonzo Ball made it through a single year of fake college as proscribed by the NBA's Education First dogma and is looking at a top three selection in the upcoming draft. That's worth guaranteed millions. His shamelessly outspoken stage dad LeVar Ball is searching for... read more

Emilia Clark Topless As Needed

After bursting onto the bigger world stage by way of being a continuously topless dragon mother in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke declared she was no longer going to be naked on camera. read more

Bella Hadid Fashion Victim With Bra

Someday our well of insults for Bella Hadid will run dry. By that point, she'll have joined her mother in the Jocelyn Wildenstein training program. read more

Britney Spears Insta Sex Slave 4 U

Britney Spears should make everyone clinically depressed. Instead, we celebrate the fact that she's simply alive. It's a low bar. The pop star's custodians must be sprinkling uppers into her Prozac-laced mac & cheese. read more

R. Kelly Sued by Husband of a Woman He Gave Chlamydia

The spectrum of complaints for which R. Kelly could be sued or arrested is infinite. There's not an actionable offense you could assign to Kelly that would draw shock. read more

Bella Thorne Bush Waxed

Bella Thorne segued out of a slut shaming rant to share her first bikini wax on Snapchat. It's not exactly live streaming a dump, but it's close enough. read more

Katy Perry Fans Pissed

Katy Perry is facing backlash for collaborating with rap group Migos on a new single. Not simply because she's slumming it, it turns out Migos made some slightly homophobic remarks about a rapper who came out of the closet. Nothing like you'd imagine where some guy drops... read more

Caitlyn Jenner And Mike Pence Have a Thing

Walking body part mosaic Caitlyn Jenner says she plans to meet with Mike Pence in Washington to pretend she is an activist, as she has ordered a lapel pin in the past six days. It appears Pence does not have similar plans, but he might go out of his way because Jenner... read more