This Week's Mr. Skin Minute Features Anatomic Blonde Charlize Theron (VIDEO)

  Charlize lezzes out with Sofia Boutella, Girls rides off into the sunset, and the rare Meryl Streep nude scene, all in this week's Mr. Skin Minute! read more

Tara Reid Goddess In Gold

This Thursday Tara Reid took to the red carpet to slam last week's h8ers (re: me) in a revealing see-through gold dress complete with bologna pasties and a thong. What exactly is revealed? Boobs that are breathtakingly asymmetrical by about four inches. read more

Robert Pattinson Pilfering Porn Dealer

Say what you want about Robert Pattinson, but I’ve got to hand it to him. When his lesbian girlfriend cheated on him in broad daylight, he at least had the cojones to dump her ass.  read more

What Happened

As a general rule, don't create a title for a controversial project that an eight year old can easily mock. Like Pol Pot's 'My Special Garden' or Stalin's 'Siberian Dreams'. Hillary Clinton isn't in a category with either of those two despots, but only because she's... read more

Rick Ross Keeps It Real

Rick is dead set on proving his macho street cred after a couple of pussifying incidents involving his former work as a correctional officer. read more

Delta Sigma Thetas Getting It On

Female empowerment campaigns will inevitably twist into bikini shows. Only in the movies do powerful male bankers have literal dick measuring contests, but if they could, more would in real life.  read more

Claudia Romani Beach Bosoms and Shit Around the Web

  Georgia Fowler topless, the top ten pause button moments, and more! read more

Kim K Has Third Baby On The Way

After two kids Kim is realizing the stresses of pregnancy are for the poor and underprivileged. Surrogacy is in. That or her lower half couldn't handle the strain of a child and her gelatin filled trash bag ass.  read more

Angeline Jolie Martyrs Like No Other

Hollywood loves to dole itself out awards. Save for the most honest categories. Like biggest martyr. Literally everybody's in contention. But Angelina Jolie likely slides in for the win.   read more

Just FYI: Sexiest 50 Bikini Scenes Of All Time Ranked

The bikini is the caveat of censorship. Our advertisers won't let us show tits and ass without relegating us to exclusively hawking dick pills and women who are in your area. But wedge a piece of fabric between a woman's ass cheeks - really make sure it's feeling that... read more

Dead Ronnie James Dio Hitting the Road (VIDEO)

Be tempted to consider this the worst thing you've ever seen. Or mention the amazing technology to remind people you have no human center.  read more

More Dead In Ohio (VIDEO)

As someone who lived in Ohio for four years, I can say it is the place where dreams go to die. And after a fatal incident on a ride at the Ohio State Fair, it's also the place where people go to die. A Twitter video shows four riders on the Fire Ball being flung into the... read more