Amber Rose Ass and Reputation Growing

Amber Rose's new set of life-like wigs is something that ought pop up on the Impossible Missions Force radar. She can go anywhere, be anybody, and almost blend in if it weren't for that pancake syrup engorged ass and Manilla street urchin tattoos read more

Alicia Arden One Woman Promo

Everybody knows when you're in an Italian production company's stripper-cops-thriller recorded on Betamax you take your paycheck, lower your head, and hope nobody notices you. When Eric Roberts is the big name in the film, you make sure you're the first one to the bank to... read more

Tiger Woods Is So Nuts

Tiger Woods is completely insane. First off, he's half black and half Asian. Since when is that a thing? It's not that he was fucking dozens of Chili's hostesses and a few bad porn stars, it's the way he was doing it. read more

Serena Williams Gender Bender

Serena Williams looks like a dude. There's something going on here. Clearly not a healthy level of estrogen. There are a few possibilities: She and her sister may be hermaphrodites. read more

Lady Gaga Flop Top in Manhattan

It's legal to walk topless in New York thanks to the leg work of so many pudgy feminists falling for an obvious ruse set up by men. And it was so easy. read more

Amber Rose Ass In Yoga Pants And Shit Around The Web

Let's look at Amber Rose's ass in tight yoga pants. She wants you to. It's actually her primary revenue source. Look! And tip accordingly. read more

Hispanics Taking the Fall

Because major media outlets and police authorities are loathe to use the term "Muslim male" in identifying suspects of bombings and shootings, there's a growing trend to simply replace with "Hispanic male". Both the New York/New Jersey bombing suspect of last week, and... read more

Hermione Needs New Metaphors (VIDEO)

To her credit, Emma Watson has dug deeper than most celebrities in the role of UN Goodwill Ambassador for something contrived by men who keep the New York brothels humming. Watson's HeforShe campaigns have changed the lives of many millions of people once they're reminded... read more

Ashley Graham Exposed

Ashley Graham is making a mint in this burgeoning industry of plus-sized models where she just happens to be the sole participant. Her jelly belly revolution hasn't quite expanded to the model universe as she had anticipated, or perhaps that wasn't the plan all along. read more

The Olsen Twins Digging Older

The Olsen Twins used to be the anorexic rich crap signature merchandise designers you loved to hate while knowing nothing about them. Now you know something about them: they're dating and marrying much older wealthy well-known men. read more

Asshole Is Harder to Pull Off in Korea

Male pop stars are likely to be scandal plagued everywhere. It's in a man's nature to live as fast and hard and sex-filled as he is able. If that's poking the wife once a week before bed or banging seven groupies in a cocaine clouded orgy, it's all about taking what you... read more

Snapchat Spectacles Will ID Those Who Deserve to Be Punched the Most (VIDEO)

Snapchat is no longer Snapchat. It's now Snap, Inc. Under Snap Inc., thousands of barely legal girls will still be sharing photos of their tits. Phew. read more