Ashley Graham Smiling and Cashing Checks

Based on a scientific sampling of omnipresent female bloggers, women care an awful lot about men validating overweight women as healthy and sexy. It's a neurotic Kobayashi Maru that men solve by ignoring the entirety of the conversation so they don't end up in fights they... read more

Rachel Dolezal Releases Her Book

If you were waiting for the release of "In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World" before fully committing to Rachel Dolezal being completely nuts, fair enough. It's out. She is. read more

Thom Yorke Deserves Better

Everything you need to know about Radiohead fans can be seen in how they reacted to tabloid magazines covering Thom Yorke's Miami Beach vacation. Everything you need to know about Thom Yorke can be seen in his selection of a mediocre Italian girlfriend. Nice things aren't... read more

Hillary Clinton Physical Graffiti

Feminists maintain the press' preoccupation with Hillary Clinton's wardrobe during the election represented a sexist double standard. Which assumes that a male candidate dressed like a Teletubby would not have been ridiculed. read more

Lamar Odom's Dick Let Him Down

Lamar Odom has a docuseries and and autobiography in the works. He needs the money. Maybe he'll write the book himself at it will take thirty years. Like Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel except not good. read more

Alicia Vikander Feminist Lara Croft

The first official set pictures of Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft are here. Lara wears sensible cargo pants now, which means she’s a feminist. Or maybe she’s a lesbian. Guys who first jacked off to Lara’s cone tits in the original 1996 Tomb Raider game might prefer... read more

Cowboys Cheerleaders Bikini Shoot And Shit Around The Web

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders bikini together in Bimini. It's like they don't even give a shit about what happens to Tony Romo. read more

Ask Tyler: Donkey Balls

Tyler: Ok, I thought the Ask Tyler thing was going to suck donkey balls. It's kind of funny. So I read the last one about tinder, but what about a guy like me who gets girls numbers at the bar, but has trouble closing the deal? read more

Domino's Pizza Sex Chick Milking What She Can (VIDEO)

British blond chick Daniella Hirst and her boyfriend were captured on closed circuit in a Domino's Pizza having sex while waiting on their pie. Couples have been given reality TV deals on less. read more

Wiz Khalifa Smokes a J With Pablo Escobar

Wiz Khalifa stirred up raw emotions among Colombians when he visited the gravesite of Pablo Escobarduring a tour stop. Khalifa coziedup to the dead drug kingpin and nation's largest mass murderer, smoking a joint at Escobar's memorial stone and taking epic selfies. read more

The Brides Wore White

Orange Is the New Black writer Lauren Morelli remembered that she hated having sex with men not long after her six figure straight wedding. It's probably worth visiting your musecage before the reception deposit becomes non-refundable. read more

Laurel Hubbard Dominated

If you're into subtext, read the quotes of female competitors in the International Weightlifting Open in Australia who had to take on New Zealand's Laurel Hubbard, who not long ago was Gavin Hubbard, male power lifting champ. read more