The Top Three Nude Scenes of 2016 (Mr Skin Minute VIDEO)

The end of the year is the time all media outlets love to serve up lists. They also love lists throughout the entire year. Much of digital journalism at this point is lists. read more

Serena Williams Pythons and Virgins Selling Sex on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #69

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt and I delve deep into the issues that matter. Like why Serena Williams wants to be the 3,797th best tennis player in the world, how Romanian girls selling their virginity is good for German pimps, how Von Miller's sex tape... read more

Fifty Shades Darker Seems Porny (VIDEO)

Men love porn. Women love shit that is exactly the same as porn but has more socially acceptable names. Like outlet shopping or mocha anything. read more

Ariel Winter Tits Used To Raise Money And Shit Around The Web

Ariel Winter uses her tits to raise money at the Trevorlive fundraiser. Pound for pound, impressive totals. read more

Bad News for Women Who Shave Their Pubes (and the Men Who Love Them)

In a blow to men who love their women resembling prebuscent girls, a new medical study finds that women who shave their pubes are far more likely to carry STDs. Or the more politically correct STIs, because calling herpes an infection versus a disease makes the demon... read more

Bella Thorne Taut and On Track

This chick is either getting skinnier or her tits are getting bigger or both. Proportionality isn't a simple science. Millions of dollars are in the balance. Have you seen her act? read more

Charlotte McKinney Tits for GQ Men

The GQ Men of the Year awards are very much like a Charlie Sheen rager. You can see all the obviously hot girls with big tits everywhere, but somehow guys are still coming home with The AIDS. read more

Gigi Hadid Also Has a Disease

While Gigi Hadid's sister and mother must contend with self-diagnosed lyme disease and the various available Amazon home-blood transfusion kits that go with, Gigi has herself been keeping silent about her own Hashimoto's disease. read more

Kanye's Blond Ambition Tour

Kanye West has left the hospital where he spent over a week being treated for exhaustion, dehydration, and temporary psychosis. It's that last one that might give you pause since you only ever hear the term used by defense attorneys in murder trials. read more

Mick Jagger's 29 Year Old Girlfriend Gives Birth (Matt's Take on The Crone)

Through the aid of pharmaceutical technology and a shit load of money Mick Jagger impregnated this ballerina. She's 29. He's dead. You weren't going to continue ballet dancing forever, especially when the market for it doesn't exist. read more

Blac Chyna Legally Wants To Be A Kardashian

Blac Chyna legally married Rob Kardashian's sorrowful fat sap ass so she wants to file a trademark of her given name plus Kardashian the day after. Don't you feel like killing yourself for real now Rob? The other Kardashian whores are objecting to this because it cheapens... read more

Ballerina Melanie Hamrick Gives Mick Jagger Another Baby

Mick Jagger had his eighth kid by his fifth baby mama. He's been fucking babies into women for forty-six years now. The David Bowie years don't count as they produced no children. Jaggers's the pruny white sire equivalent of a Jets defensive back, only he has the securely... read more