Mr. Skin Has Sex with Emily on New Podcast

Sexpert Dr. Emily Morse, host of the hit podcast 'Sex with Emily', stops by the Mr. Skin Podcast this week for an episode dedicated to how women feel about sex and sex scenes. Is bush making a comeback? What are the challenges that merkin identification presents? What is... read more

Rio Paralympics Bans Russian Disabled

Three weeks after the conclusion of the Rio Olympics, the Brazilian city is welcoming thousands of disabled athletes from around the world so that disabled Rio street thugs can have a go at softer targets. That's just fair. read more

DMX Threatens The Gene Pool

DMX has just sired his fifteenth child. The economics professor who lives next door and occasionally drops off some banana bread has two. Obama has two. The Clintons have one, if you believe them. Smart people appear to see the hazards of reproducing. Crackheads who bark... read more

Bella Thorne In Just A Bra And Shit Around The Web

Bella Thorne likes to pump her gas in just a bra. Or, conversely, more than she's wearing on most Snapchats. There's no shame in living off your tits, only in not trying. read more

Jennifer Lawrence Proves Herself Wrong

Jennifer Lawrence didn't get paid as much as Bradley Cooper for acting in American Hustle even though she had much less screen time and lines and days on set and was a supporting character. She got paid more than Woody Harrelson for the definitively shitty Hunger Games... read more

Amy Schumer Tits Over Tampa

Amy Schumer strapped on her best girdle to appear, as Matt so eloquently puts it, "just the perfect amount of overweight", and promote her memoirs across the Late Night talk show circuit. read more

Delilah Belle Hamlin on Track

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin's daughter seems grounded for a celebrity kid. She's expressed a willingness to model and act, even though singing and spreading her music is her first love. Hamlin's already signed to a major modeling agency and appeared in Teen Vogue, but... read more

Victoria's Secret Not Super Worried

Anybody who follows a losing sports team knows the terms the home broadcasters will use to give a sense of accomplishment to another failed season. There's always talk of building something special, hopeful signs for the future, and momentum. All euphemisms for being on... read more

Jessica Alba Keeps the Day Job

When life gives you lemons, add some sodium lauryl sulfate and call it all-natural lemonade. Jessica Alba's Honest Company continues to be dogged by largely nuisance lawsuits because maybe her precious-for-baby household products contain a dash or two of that shit in... read more

Amy Robach Drops 'Colored People' on Live TV (VIDEO)

Amy Robach is a breast cancer survivor. Her only carte blanche limit is politically incorrect nomenclature missteps. The Good Morning America anchor was discussing with a guest how the role of Mary Jane in the next Spider Man is being cast with black pop singer and former... read more

Irina Shayk Gets Naked In GQ And Shit Around The Web

Irina Shayk loses all her clothes for GQ. To be clearly distinguished from those times she has been naked in thirty nine other magazines. You have to respect a woman who understands her franchise appeal. read more

Lochte Loses Speedo

Speedo pulled out of Lochte. That's a huge blow for a swimmer because you've got Speedo, pool crabs disinfectants and goggles. If your goal is to be a full-time professional swimmer, and why not because real jobs suck and you can't eat eight sit down meals a day, you need... read more