The NFL In More Trouble

The worse part about working for large corporations is being held accountable even after you clock out for the day. Escorts aren’t illegal and neither is porn but for some reason the public likes to shame men who like to have a good time. read more

Netflix Not Exactly The Best In Human Resource Department

I love an excuse to have sex with random women as much as the next man. Netflix has been the perfect wingman and excuse for practicing procreation with protection for a while now but they’re not without flaws.  read more

Weekend TV Tits Roundup

Television this weekend was full of tit, with the usual suspect series delivering all that we've come to expect with our cable packages. The Girlfriend Experience brought five-inch-long nips from Louisa Krause while Carmen Ejogo was all about the old man porking half... read more

Salma Hayek Forced Into Lesbianism By Weinstein

Girl on girl is always good in my opinion but when Harvey had a hand in forcefully making it happen it loses it’s glamour. Salma Hayek claims Weinstein was her number one harasser and aside from allegedly coercing her into kissing girls on camera he also stated that he... read more

Kris Jenner Gets Fake Grilled About Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape

The current forty-fifth season of Keeping Up With The Prostitutes has seen the brothel mates learning about homelessness on Skid Row - with Beast saying “I think people are blind and kind of like to live in their bubble and ignore what’s really going on” - as well as... read more

Rose Calls Out Meryl; Alyssa Calls Out Damon, The Ouroboros Is Upon Us!

The ouroboros, the serpent consuming its own tail, the ancient Egyptian symbol of Hollywood virtue signalers and Sirens of latter day right-doing feasting on moral relativism. read more

Sarah Palin - I Can See My Son's Reckless Assault From My House

Sarah Palin could be living off of polar bear flesh on an ice floe somewhere and no one would know or care, so she should be thankful that her son is basically Maury Povich or Dr. Phil's wet dream and still doing the family name proud by nabbing headlines. He probably... read more

Ben Affleck Unshaven, Staggering, Hanging With Blond, Standard Stuff

You know those scenes in the comics where Batman has hit rock bottom and they depict him unkempt and messed up and tripping over shit?  read more

ESPN Anchor Calls Co-Worker "Doll-face"; World Collapses

Lawrence and her sympathizers in the media, so almost all of the national media reporters, point out that the Buccigross-Lawrence released texts are a slap in the face to sexual harassment charges. Because men aren't really allowed to supply a defense in such public... read more

Anna Kendrick Told To Sell Sexy

When you’re involved in Hollywood you’re always expected to go above and beyond. Honestly telling Anna she should sex it up when it came to her wardrobe was getting off light when compared to the propositions so many other women were offered. read more

Kate Del Castillo Newest Stripper For Animals

Taking your clothes off always gets attention. Women love attention. The only thing better than having everyone stare at your naked body for attention is if you think you’re doing it for a good cause. read more

David Hasselhoff’s Husky Daughter Empowers Herself

Fat is being forced upon us ladies and gentlemen. Women who wobble when they walk from excessive weight are here to tell men what they should like. Having an attraction to a woman of normal weight is sexist. read more