Ask Tyler: Make Me Better in Bed

Ask Tyler: Assume we're stupid enough to believe you when you say you have sex with lots of different women. What are you tips for being better in bed? read more

Amber Rose Isn't Perfect Like You Imagined (VIDEO)

Amber Rose points out her cellulite and stretch marks in a new Instagram video. Those cost her a couple bucks extra at the plastic surgeon’s office. You need to have a tasteful amount of cellulite in order to be a successful feminist social media celebrity. read more

Amy Schumer Swindles With $2K Mattress

Amy Schumer has clawed her way back into the news. This time she bought a random $2,000 mattress. At one point she flung herself in front of Kanye and Kim on the red carpet. Schumer can’t differentiate. read more

Alexandra Daddario Couldn't Get Laid in High School

There are three myths sexy women working in entertainment would have you believe. They had or have trouble finding dates, they're junk food addicts, and they simply want to find a nice guy with a sense or humor to settle down with. read more

The Grossening of Kim Zolciak

Kids of horrible celebrity parents don't deserve anything but total sympathy, if not a kidnapping to a remote location where their shameless self-promoting parents can never find them. They can be raised by hot French au pairs. Bill Gates? C'mon, you did very well on... read more

The Fate of the Furious Sends a Message

There are two seasons in the movie business. Masturbate to aren't we artistically diverse time, and make money time. April through August is unadulterated cash money time. Also known as the time of movies people want to see without being told why it's important they do... read more

Tess Holliday Fat Shames an Uber Driver

If you're a model, you have one job requirement: don't get fat. If you're an obese model, you literally have no job responsibilities. Show up to the disturbing fetish shoot somewhere close to the appointed hour. read more

Emmanuel Macron’s Tender Statutory Rape Love Story

Since Trump unexpectedly replaced Obama as President, there's been an effort by the majority of journalists and bloggers to recast any major election in the world in the Trump versus Obama archetype and type hard for the "Obama". It will eventually descend to student... read more

Erin Moran Longest Child Actor Death Sentence Ever

Erin Moran, known more formally as Joanie from Happy Days, died over the weekend as a long culmination of a life of addiction and depression following a prominent child acting career. read more

Jaden Smith Launches Rock Band (VIDEO)

Jaden Smith announced the creation of a rock band with his sister and a girl he's dating with whom he shares a walk-in closet. This comes on the heels of Smith's soon to be released K-Pop single by way of social media and his monthly allowance spent on a public relations... read more

Channing Tatum Questionable Parenting

Channing Tatum revealed that he takes his three year old daughter to his live stripping show which is based on the Magic Mike franchise. Remarkably he still has custody of his daughter. Aside from the creepy prickly shaved buns and overt homoeroticism being completely... read more

Amber Heard And Elon Musk Putting a Stamp On It

Amber Heard shared a photo of herself and Elon Musk, the alleged genius who's about to marry her and be half as much of a billionaire. It's possible to be super smart and socially retarded. It's also possible your company has a fantastic PR campaign behind you and you're... read more