Mama June Fudges Her Fatness

Mama June got gastric bypass surgery sometime back, which means she should in no way be able to take credit for losing weight. They make your stomach smaller. You can't physically eat as much. It would be like a Syrian refugee taking credit for getting a revenge bod. The... read more

Huff Po Writer Cheats In Half Marathon

BuzzFeed and Huffington Post food blogger, Harvard graduate, and avid running enthusiast Jane Seo was busted for cheating on a half marathon by a guy who runs an obsessive NSA style website called Half marathon. Typical lazy lefty blogger. read more

Perfect Ending to the Oscars

If Hollywood and Manhattan are expected to self-medicate their seizures over the Trump victory, Trump supporters need to stop with their repetitive ridiculing of the limousine liberals until fresh material arrives. Neither side has come up with a topper for weeks if not... read more

Lottie Moss Panties Flash And Shit Around The Web

Kate Moss' little half-sister does really want to be just like Kate. That would include the obligatory drunken upskirt. read more

Judd Apatow's New Show About a Cuckold, Go Figure (Mr. Skin Minute Video)

Leslie Mann's gimp's producing a new show on HBO called Crashing. It's about a lowly comedian whose wife sleeps with other men after he proves to be a sensitive loser who can't please her. Where does he come up with these off the wall ideas? read more

Karrueche Tran Shocked Chris Brown Likes To Hit Women

Every time you live stream yourself wing suit leapingoff the Alps, you run the risk of being that dude whose death makes for excellent YouTube fodder. Every time you date Chris Brown, you're going to get your ass beat. read more

Paris Hilton Not a Feminist Per Se

To Paris Hilton's credit, she specifically avoids referring to herself as a feminist, which is the reflex of every single other famous women despite zero credentials. Hilton stops at being happy to be a generic role model for girls. read more

Monster Energy Girls Boobs Under Fire

Numerous complaints came into Fox and NASCAR about the revealing outfits worn by the Monster Energy promotional girls hanging around the Daytona 500 TV coverage. According to those upset, NASCAR is a family program. read more

Beyonce Cancels Coachella

Musical genius Beyonce cancelled her performance at Coachella which would have left anyone with a decent head on their shoulders questioning what they paid for. She's apparently too pregnant to perform. read more

Walking Dead Shirt Deemed Racist

A Walking Dead T-shirt featuring the character Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, has been pulled from shelves in Britain after some no doubt financially challenged guy complained about it. The shirt features the likeness of Negan, known for killing zombies with a... read more

Brittany Fultz Forcible Lap Dances And Shit Around The Web

Blond nursing home worker Brittany Fultz secretly recorded giving lap dances to 100-year old man, what's the tip on that? (Casey Anthony) read more

Pedophiles in Obvious Places

If you've been saving a fake aghast expression, now's the time to deploy. It turns out grown men who work with girl gymnasts might be inappropriately touching the girls. If you're in a business where even if you're not a pedophile you're easily subject to allegations... read more