Lady Gaga Riding High

Lady Gaga is riding high on a positively reviewed new album, Joanne. Also, she lost weight so she can do the mostly naked thing in public again. She was formerly relying on the unsupported belief that fishnet deftly disguises chub. read more

Kendall Jenner Stalker Let Loose

Kendall Jenner's crazy ass stalker was acquitted by a jury for jumping out of the bushes everywhere this chick goes because stalking charges are super hard to make stick. At least until there's a bloody corpse on the ground and a guy in handcuffs screaming, "Why wouldn't... read more

Amy Schumer Called To Task for Plantation Yucks (VIDEO)

Eventually, the politically correct eat their own. It's the Hungry Hungry Hippos Theory of self-righteous consumption. If the process happened with any expediency, the snowflakes would melt faster than they're falling. It's not. The drifts are growing. read more

Justin Bieber Believes Himself To Be An Artist

Justin Bieber walked off stage in London because his idiot prepubescent fans wouldn't stop screaming at the sight of him. Bieber apparently feels he has a message to convey and wants to be treated as a serious artist and not the twink YouTube bubblegum fuck he is who has... read more

Black Players Sensing the Josh Brown Double Standard

Black former and current players in the NFL want to know why the Commissioner seems to be running a lose and completely objective standard on penalties for beating your wife or girlfriend. I mean, you gotta beat them, but shouldn't the penalties be the same whether you're... read more

Victoria Justice Covered Topless And Shit Around The Web

Victoria Justice is topless except for some strategically placed hair. She's never shown her tits and she's approaching 24. Let's pretend she's wild in bed. It takes the edge off. read more

Blac Chyna Covered Up

Blac Chyna has taken to motoring around Los Angeles in a black hoody, covered from head to toe like a Suge Knight sized ninja. Coming in and out of a 200,000 car nobody bought with money they truly earned violates at least seven rules of stealthiness. read more

Mickey Rourke With Dog And Purse

Nature is a tricky thing to fuck with. That was the message of Jurassic Park, it's eight sequels, and fifty-seven ripoffs. Of course, scientists are constantly fucking with nature as that's also how we get the polio vaccine and sugar-free cheesecake. Sometimes you get a... read more

Bruce Jenner Back in the Saddle

Bruce Jenner's tits and jaunty lady laugh couldn't carry his own reality show, but he's back in the mix on the mothership filming for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Bruce may be on his fiftieth year of transitioning into a lady, but he still loves the manly pursuits of... read more

Miley Cyrus Stumping for Hillary

In the final weeks of the Presidential Election that began in earnest forty years ago for Hillary Clinton, the campaign has dispatched the likes of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus to college campuses to remind the kids who their only choice is on election day. read more

Britney Plays Through (VIDEO)

There's some kind of special pressure not to pause in the middle of your act when you're lip-synching to pre-recorded tracks. There's probably a few girls in Senegal with a phonograph who still believes Britney sings lives. read more

Ashley Graham Still Yapping About Her Fat (VIDEO)

Speaking into a camera for three minutes about your looks is vain by definition. No man would allow a woman to run-on thusly in his presence unless he was super confident there was sex at the end. Even then, five minutes into wonder of me speech and he'd fake an emergency... read more