Suki Waterhouse Making Instagram Sexy With Bikinis And Shit Around The Web

Sexy Suki Waterhouse bikinis on Instagram. Bradley Cooper used to bang her, until she started showing her age, looking completely 18-plus. read more

Peta Murgatroyd Is One of You

Dancing With the Stars ballroom dancer, Peta Murgatroyd, spent hours making herself up and fixing the selfie lighting in her marbled bathroom to prove she's one of you. She might be propped up on her human Hmong man servant. Being common takes more work than ever before. read more

Jaden Smith DMV Existential (VIDEO)

The problem with raising kids in a bubble of entitlement and unearned esteem is that moment they must run up against the real world. An intensely personal poem set to a Casio keyboard pre-loaded beat won't get you a pass on your DMV Driver's Test. You can buy your way... read more

Allie Dowdle Perfect Timing

Allie Dowdle is running the perfect con. It's more than possible she's not aware of her own genius. The Tennessee high school senior set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for college after her father pulled support because she's dating a black dude. read more

Hailey Baldwin Piling Up the Tiny Tats

There was a time when commercial product filled girls magazines cautioned teens about smoking or unprotected sex or tattoos. That was from the beginning of time up until a few years ago. read more

Michael Jackson TV Movie With White Jacko Canceled Last Minute

It's possible the British channel who hired super white Joseph Fiennes to portray Michael Jackson in a short made for TV spoof never intended to air the piece. This reeks of pure stunt. T read more

Lamar Odom Coaching The Lakers Makes Sense

The Lakers are a pretty terribly run organization so it would make sense they'd entertain the idea of hiring Lamar Odom to become a coach/team drug dealer. If this happens, bet against the Lakers on the road. read more

Superfly Jimmy Snuka Dead

Jimmy Snuka passed away at his home in Florida, considerably more drugged up and peacefully than that of his ex girlfriend who was found beaten to death in his motel room in the 80's. There weren't any other suspects, and the victim's family won a civil suit against Snuka... read more

Karlie Kloss Koding Kamps and Kristen Stewart Muffin Twisting on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #72

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt and I go into deep superficial detail on Lola Kirke's preppy white girls problems (hint: it's abortion), Karlie Kloss and her concentration coding camps for girls who will never attend, Kristen Stewart biting hard on this... read more

Robin Thicke Excessive Spanking

Paula Patton is accusing her ex-husband Robin Thicke of spanking their six-year old son excessively. Also drugs and alcohol use, though only the first charge caused a thousand dudes in WeHo to get wicked hard. She wants to change the terms of their custody to... read more

The Bestiality, Murder, Child Rape Job at Microsoft Sounds Unpleasant

Every search engine company assigns some level of human interaction to their online safety programs. That's basically dudes in a room reviewing flagged content for levels of indecency. You see a lot of kiddy porn, torture rape, and gruesome murder photos. read more

Keke Palmer Gives Us A Peek And Shit Around The Web

Keke Palmer flashes some luscious cleavage and bare midriff. It's intentional so you can go ahead and treat her like a sex object and you can't be executed. read more