Miss Bumbum's Bum Bum and Shit Around the Web

Olivia Munn vacation pics, celebrity “o” faces, and more! read more

Kris Jenner Moves Across the Street from Kim Kardashian

When you wish to stay wealthy it’s imperative to relocate to wherever the money moves. If staying one step ahead means stalking your daughter and rapper husband so be it. Kris Jenner is game. read more

Louis C.K. Buys Back Failure

Louis C.K. is buying back his failed film that never saw a release for $5 million. Proof that Louie believes one day fans will be able to look past his sexual harassment escapades and purchase a ticket to see a almost legal and barley clothed Chloë Grace Moretz. read more

Adriana Lima Isn’t A Quitter

Adriana Lima is one of a kind. Taking off your clothes is certainly a talent that takes time to master and she wants the world to know that she’s not stopping anytime soon. read more

South African Lady Semen Thieves Will Never Merit a Hashtag Protest

A 25-year old male hitchhiker in Northern South Africa was picked up in a car by a couple wild gals, forced to consume the drank, and gang raped at gunpoint, with his sperm likely headed to some kind of tribal Costco for big profit resale. read more

Amanda Knox Getting Her Own Show About Gender Bias

Amanda Knox has a new show coming out on Vice's female outlet, Broadly, to be distributed by the new Zuckerberg Owns the World Channel. The new show's called, The Scarlet Letter Reports. Strike one with that shitty title. read more

Super Size Me Guy Super Size Fame Ho Rape Confession

Three thousand years ago a guy named Morgan Spurlock released the documentary Super Size Me, in which he ate McDonald's for a month straight and gained weight. Kelly Clarkson does the same thing and she doesn't get notoriety for it, but Spurlock was making a point about... read more

SAG Awards Excluding Men To Combat Sexism

The Screen Actors' Guild Awards show run on Turner each January will go female-only presenters this year. read more

The Clooneys Are Beyond Adorable

George Clooney and Amal Clooney considerately passed out headphones to passengers on their flight to London, along with a note pre-apologizing in case their six month old twins cried. read more

Adriana Lima Stands Down on Nudity on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #113

The best part about covering Hollywood insanity, irrationality, and hypocrisy for a living is the never ending supply of content.  read more

Madison Iseman's All Woman and Shit Around the Web

Bella busty at basketball, Golden Globe Nominudes, and more! read more

Chelsea Handler Is A Body-Shaming Bully

The pendulum has swung in the other direction completely. This world went ass backwards a while ago and we are now stuck somewhere in the Twilight Zone. Believe it or not but bullies are now becoming the victims of ridicule. read more