Playboy Magazine Lost in the Wilderness

Playboy magazine was doomed long before they made the commercial decision to nix nudity from their nudie magazine. They're the railroad in an era of air travel. Turn your cabin cars into cargo haulers and pray for healthy government subsidies. read more

Vicki Gunvalson Starts Incorruptible Charity

If your ex boyfriend lied about having lymphoma and forged documents to prove it, there are a few things you're just not supposed to do. Starting a cancer charity may be first on the list. Also, associating yourself with in any way with cancer or talking ever again to... read more

Miley Cyrus Pay Gapped

Miley Cyrus did a lengthy interview with Elle discussing many topics. Central of which, how she prepares to be on The Voice, which mostly entails getting high and annoying the contestants on single cam. read more

Amber Heard Broke-Ass

When your buddy who sells magazine subscriptions after waking up midday in a stony haze informs you he's broke, you don't need to ask any followups. Amber Heard's earned somewhere around the ten million plus mark in her film and modeling career. When she says she's broke... read more

Sarah Duque Lovisoni Is Boning Nick Jonas And Other Blessings Of The Internet

Nick Jonas' new beard Sarah Duque Lovisoni is seriously hot. If you're going to prove to the world you're not gay, no better way than with a smoking hot model on your arm daily. What happens nightly is none of your business, America. read more

Vitalli Sediuk Strikes Kim Kardashian's Ass With His Lips

Ukrainian prankster slash physically assaultive douchebag in an ironic hat, Vitali Sediuk, struck the ass of Kim Kardashian with his bare lips during her visit to Paris today. The lack of use of a dental dam or other prophylactic could be used in court as an insanity... read more

Natalie Jayne Roser In Costumes Best Left to Porn

There will be some moment in which your girlfriend wanting to get married or wife on your honeymoon puts on some bawdy role-play costume and insists upon being called Natasha. You'll be confused. Porn comes alive is disarming. read more

Two Coreys Molestation Abides

Sex crimes on kids have a tendency to linger longer than Pennywise himself. Corey Feldman has been spilling the beans on his own child actor involuntary bottoming piece by book for sale piece over the past quarter-century. read more

Madonna Voting Naked for Hillary

Hillary Clinton's campaign is pushing two fronts. Female celebrities getting naked to encourage voting and essays by apologetic men in HuffPo and similarly leaning publications about how people who dislike Hillary only do so because she's a woman. read more

Bella Thorne Might Fuck a Chick, She Might Not

Since coming out as bisexual almost weeks ago, Bella Thorne has conducted a whirlwind promotional campaign for the bisexual community. The crux of Thorne's efforts have been posting snuggling photos with her friend also named Bella with whom she says she isn't... read more

Lindsay Lohan Sells Her Soul to Turkey

Lindsay Lohan signed away her publicity rights in Turkey to a made-up company with zero Google search results for the sum of two million dollars. read more

Brad Pitt Maybe Not Too Faithful

According to a report Angelina Jolie's friends wrote, Brad Pitt definitely had an affair with Marion Cotillard and having your healthy ovaries cut out is a fantastic idea. read more