Captain Planet Is Coming Back Because You Know Why

In the early 1990's Ted Turner got behind a tirelessly didactic animated superhero series intend to encourage kids to become environmentalists. Also, not smoke or steal people's wallets. You know, like kids who don't sort their recycling are apt to do. read more

Jennifer Connelly's Merkin on the Mouths of the Mr. Skin Podcast

It’s another crazy week on the Mr. Skin Podcast! This time Skin and the gang are talking about a vengeful prank pulled on a legendary star, and the surprising source that confirmed the leak. Plus, a discussion of Jennifer Connelly’s best nudity after her mega merkin... read more

Josh Brown NFL's New Problem Child

The Giants Josh Brown just singlehandedly threw a bunch of kicker stereotypes out the window. Turns out they do still pee sitting down but apparently are not as docile as previously thought and beat their wives. read more

Hillary Clinton A Dick To Security

Hillary Clinton really wants to be the next President and so does a vast majority of the national news media. Perhaps that's why they've donated so heavily to her campaign and brushed most of her deplorable behavior and frightening facial expressions to the side. read more

Ashanti Bikinis In The Dominican Republic And Shit Around The Web

Ashanti bikinis in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. The DR isn't necessarily your first thought for beach vacations, but then maybe you don't like fifty cent drinks and one dollar hookers. read more

Victoria Justice In a Push Up Bra, The Best of Rocky Horror

Fox remade The Rocky Horror Picture Show for broadcast television tonight largely because they have to make something and new ideas scare people in Hollywood. Also, Marketing makes most of the greenlight calls and trannies are big in the news. Though the fun kind of... read more

Zuckerberg Tolerates Thiel

If you remember watching The Social Network, Zuckerberg was the Harvard nerd who stole his friend's algorithm and the app idea of some WASPy twins on campus and promptly invented TheFacebook. Peter Thiel was the Aspy not yet Gawker outed gay but already successful right... read more

Victoria's Secret Now Dominating Needless Athletic Wear Market

Women spend a lot of money on workout gear. The multi-billion dollar industry was the inevitable outcome of women working out. read more

Derrick Rose Lives to Underperform Another Day

Derrick Rose was found non-liable for any and all rape claims made by the booty call chick he banged with two of his buddies one late night when In & Out had already closed and everybody was looking for something to do. read more

Twas the Chiro Killed Katie May

Nobody has mixed feelings about their chiropractor. Half will tell you they were swindled by a charlatan practicing voodoo science without a medical degree. Something they missed while cursorily reviewing the plastic framed certificates on the wall next to to the electric... read more

Bobby Shmurda Seven Year Itch

If you're going to be involved in murders, or even not, you shouldn't put the word Murder or any variation of it in your name. Really, how could it help? One of his associates names is Gunplay. That's no good either. Why don't you just name yourself Guilty and get it over... read more

Christian Audigier Cum Troubles

Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier passed away of cancer last year leaving behind a $250 million fortune. Wow, who knew there were that many douchebags out there. Nothing against Audigier, you don't have to talk to the people buying your shit. read more