Delilah Belle Hamlin Makes Daddy Proud and Shit Around the Web

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Kim Kardashian How Now Brown Cow

Now that Kim Kardashian has a live-in stylist in the form of gay best friend Kanye West, she's always up for daring looks that challenge popular fashion industry notions such as "taste," "class," "attractive," and "non cow-looking." While leaving a pop-up comedy show,... read more

Bill O’Reily Drags Man's Best Friend Into Kneelgate

 The only way to get people to pay attention on social media is to say something shocking. Otherwise you’re just like every other account.  read more

Demi Lovato Praised For Being Seventeen-Year-Old Cokehead

Demi Lovato stars in a new YouTube documentary titled Simply Complicated, and it turns out that she spent a good portion of her youth being simply a raging drug addict. She even goes into depth about simply punching the shit out of a backup dancer during her Camp Rock 2... read more

Dean McDermott Is Above Paying Child Support

When you’re $100,000 arrears on child support that you don’t plan on paying most likely your name is Dean McDermott. If it’s not then you’re also another fine example of a deadbeat dad minus Tori Spelling as a spouse.  read more

Jeffrey Katzenberg Apologizes to Molly Ringwald For Crude Comment He Never Made

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Steven Seagal Also Nominated For Sexual Harassment Award

With Harvey Weinstein leading this year’s Hollywood most horrible person poll, Lisa Guerrero wanted to submit Steven Seagal’s name to possibly top the current titan of inappropriate touch. read more

Mandalay Bay Security Guard Breaking Silence Only for 'Ellen' (VIDEO)

In a rather obvious bit of legal risk management, MGM Grand, the owners of the Mandalay Bay in Vegas, shoved out their wounded security guard and building maintenance guy onto the Ellen show to provide a media interview of record regarding the incidents during the night... read more

Former Child Star Bites the Hand that Feeds Him

When your music career was over-shadowed since the beginning by one of the biggest acts in rap imported from Canada with a similar name, you might have some bottled up resentment.  read more

McKayla Maroney Thrown to the Molestation Wolves by USA Gymnastics

McKayla Maroney joined the #MeToo crowd with an actually horrible tale of long term molestation by the USA Gymnastics team doctor. read more

'Scar' From 'Cholos Try' Levels the Hollywood Bullshit on Last Men on Earth Podcast #106

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast the white guys and the Mexican-Americans delved into the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, the Colin Kaepernick anthem bullshit, Pink skipping sex with her husband for a year, discuss Mayim Bialik's suggestion that... read more

Ashley Graham Crackers Chesticles and Shit Around the Web

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