Sarah Madden Fowlkes Mugs for Mugshot and Shit Around the Web

Sometimes in life, you have such amazing taboo sex that you smile right through your mugshot. read more

Kesha Loses Again

Kesha's quest to be released from her music contract with Dr. Luke continues to go very poorly. She opened with the allegations of being drugged and raped and moved down the ladder from there. Misreading Sun Tzu will buyyou an 0-12 record in court. read more

Scott Disick, Sex Addict

It's best to start the conversation over male sex addiction by everybody admitting it's a bullshit medical diagnosis. A disease can't only exist for famous wealthy men with access to ambitiousmodels. read more

Emily Ratajkowski Burns

All anybody can talk about is Emily Ratajkowski being sunburned. Which makes you wonder at what point you're supposed to stop staring at her tits and ass. It's a conundrum. You want to consider her skin condition and her strong points on fourth wave feminism. At the same... read more

Ask Tyler: Hot Chick Kryptonite

Tyler: Idon'tunderstand it. I am a single guy, 31, good looking, great career, stay very active, in very good shape, very well educated. I am a great catch. I go out with my friends to a bar/club and I see all these gorgeous women both in the bar and working at the bar. I... read more

Chelsea Handler Needs Writers

It's important in life to know if you carried the team to victory or the team carried you. Conduct yourself accordingly. read more

The Blonde Salad Is Making Bank

If there's one thing all women crave, it's havinganother woman tell them their shoes are amazing. There is no male comparison. Not so long as etiquette dictates you look directly forward in the men's room urinals. read more

CHiPs Movie Reviews Hard to Come By

Warner Bros. isn't allowing reviews of their R-rated screen adaptation of the 70's TV show CHiPS less than two days now from release. This is like when the dog dies. Don't tell Timmy until after the Little League game if you want him to rap a couple hits. read more

Ashley Graham Cry For Help

Ashley Graham is gone with the subtlety on how 2017 it is to be heavyset. It's the destination and the journey, provided there's an In-N-Out at both locations. read more

Wyclef Jean Detained

Wyclef Jean was detained by the LAPD for matching the description of a robbery suspect. It's tempting to think this entailed merely being black, but the similarities are actually quite remarkable. Unclear if the actual robber also runs a bogus charity. read more

Brooke Lajiness Back Seat Illicit Humping and Shit Around the Web

Buxom blonde mom Brooke Lajiness banged her daughter's fourteen year old classmate fifteen times in the back of her car. Turns out that's illegal in Michigan. read more

Jenny Slate Breaks Up With Chris Evans Who Doesn't Notice

Here's the thing about fucking the movie star you're working with and calling it a relationship. You're going to end up in People magazine way over talking it. read more