Emma Thompson Remembers That Time Trump Hit On Her

Maybe you don't share that story from decades ago when some famous billionaire called you up out of the blue and invited you to get to know each other over a meal. After all, you're pretty famous in your own right. But if that guy's become President of the United States,... read more

Bow Wow Week Long Birthday Party

Snoop Dogg gave Little Bow Wow his rap name after seeing him perform in a nightclub at twelve. He lived well and hard as a teen. It's remarkable Bow Wow hasn't been found dead in the alley behind 1OAK with a needle in his arm. read more

Artie Lange Fired From HBO Show

Artie Lange claimed in a radio interview that he was fired from HBO's everyman comedian cuckold serial Crashing because of his most recent arrest for drug possession. Lange talked openly about the addiction he just can't seem to shake. read more

Jackie Cruz Hot Bikini Adventure And Shit Around The Web

Orange Is The New Black Latina prisoner Jackie Cruz shows off her body in Mexico. Visit a woman's prison sometime if you'd like the real cock deflating truth about how almost every single female prisoner really looks. Bring cookies. read more

Chelsea Handler Needs Her Laugh Track Back and Raccoons with Breast Addictions on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #81

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast, we dive deep into why Chelsea Handler can't do funny, Kesha's setback to her setback in fake rape court, wonder as to whether sex addiction is an ailment or an awesome, I quiz Matt on how many underaged boys he'd let his wife... read more

Christina El Moussa Flipping More Than Just Houses

Christina El Moussa, the one in Flip or Flop that you'd let speak if she must, showed off her divorcee revenge body on Instagram and Snapchat. She paired her little girl in a matching tiny bikini. read more

Boston Drummer Dies Mid-Cruise

If you want to see the remaining members of April Wine, or a guy who toured with the Eagles, or the dude on bass in that one song you remember hearing when you first touched a girls breast, the Legends of Rock Cruise is for you. read more

Christina Milian Isn't Playing

The bleached blond hair should have been enough. Ease into your new character. Basic cable triple threat Christina Milian went all in at the Power Rangers premiere and post-party with the striking color and the tits falling out of the dress. read more

Cash Me Ousside Girl on Minute 16 (VIDEO)

Andy Warhol had that quip about everybody being world famous for fifteen minutes in the future. With the onset of the social media age, it's now a half season order of reality shows. read more

R.I.P. Chuck Barris

Many people are labeled futurists, but Chuck Barris was one of the only legitimate futurists we've ever known. He had a keen ability to tap into people's basest desires and turn it into entertainment. Now he's dead. He saw that coming. read more

Maitland Ward Still Working

Actresses commonly complain about aging out of roles before they even get started. Forty is the death knell for the career. While other women see forty as an opportunity to slap on something see-through and show off their plus sized tits. read more

Eva Gutowski Google Star

While you weren't looking, Google startedmanufacturingtheir own youngcelebrities. Most of them are in their 20's, but look younger and non-threatening to high school girls. read more