Never Forget That Rosario Dawson Has An Amazing Body (Mr Skin Minute VIDEO)

Rosario Dawsonfades in and out of the spotlight. But she'll never completely go away. She went full frontal in 2013's Trance, where you get a very clear shot of her shavedbeavandhugerack. A scene like this makes you live on in infamy. read more

Kim Zolciak Bikini Comeback And Shit Around The Web

Kim Zolciak is returning to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The decision coming after her husband became NFL unemployed and all of her LinkedIn suggest jobs involved hooking in the Gulf states. read more

Kim Kardashian Flu Diet Spreading

Kim Kardashian came under fire on social media for declaring her recent flu bout as an amazing diet technique. Followed immediately by the people bitching at her online simultaneously Googling, "best ways to contract the flu". read more

'3 Generations' Want a PG

There is no more asymmetrically powered special interest group in this country than the transgendered community. Followed closely by people still bitching about peanut allergies and therapy animal rights groups. read more

Nickelodeon Looking to Finish The Job

Nickelodeon isn’t done withAmanda Bynes. The network that exploited an 11-year-old then ran for cover when their unstable creation detonated in 2012wants to brainstorma new show with Bynes. The now 31-year-old has presumably found stability. read more

Chloë Sevigny Rises Above

Self-proclaimed fashion visionary and real-life delusional Brooklynite Chloë Sevigny is still talking about herself long after people assumed she died strangled by her own accessories. read more

Ask Tyler: Fuck the Sheeple

Ask Tyler: You call everybody a cubicle working sheep. Why do so many people end up that way if it's so shitty? read more

Karin Chiche in A Bikini

You'd love to be a fly on the wall during a IRS audit of a "Miami model". In 2016, You reported three appearances outside a bikini store for five hundred dollars and five nights of tequila brand ambassadorship at a club for three hundred and yet you have a leased Range... read more

Jessica Simpson Guns Blazing

Jessica Simpson is plotting her return to reality television. It was her Newlyweds MTV show with then husband Nick Lachey that turned her from junior pop star into an A-list celebrity. People love a dumb blond with big tits. It's the white whale for feminists. read more

Rachel McCord Slipping Nip and Taking Names

There are things that a man can surmise about a woman though never having experienced personally. Such as, she probably knows when he nipple is repeatedly falling out of her bikini top. read more

Caitlyn Jenner Nude Shoot Prepping

Cailtyn Jenner is reportedly planning a nude photoshoot after the successful completion of her gender reassignment surgery. Jenner has been calling herself a woman since she was a disgruntled man in a dress so technically this is merely a superficial modification. read more