Naya Rivera Had an Abortion for $17.95 Hardback

Following in the footsteps of lesser known entertainers not even thirty and penning memoirs, the Latina cheerleader from Glee is coming out with her autobiography, Sorry Not Sorry. Which is it? Sounds intriguing. read more

Kylie Jenner Bikini Birthday Bash And Shit Around The Web

Kylie Jenner has a bikini beach party with all her hottie friends. She doesn't have friends so much as her sister and some other celebrity kids who also share their tits and ass for money. So better than friends. read more

The Birth in a Creek Movie Is the New Rick Rolled (VIDEO)

Some crunchy Australian chick who doesn't understand that having tons of children is bad for the planet even if you birth them organically in rain forests, filmed herself dropping her latest newborn in a creek in the Daintree Rainforest. read more

Usain Bolt's Girlfriend Likely To Stick It Out

Usain Bolt's sister claims that her brother's long time girlfriend is likely to stay with Usain despite his post Rio victory and partying and fucking at least one Brazilian chick. read more

Patti Stanger Is Hiding Something

Patti Stanger hosts that show Millionaire Matchmakers where dudes leveraged to the hilt with real estate flipping debt pretend to be millionaires and women who are escorts pretend to be women having trouble meeting successful men. Then everybody gets together and beats... read more

Everybody Is Juicing

Revelations that Brock Lesnar tested positive for banned substances after his big July UFC fight are rocking the sports world. The massively sculpted musculature, the square jawline, bacne, and emergency waiver from pre-fight testing eluded many. read more

Alessandra Ambrosio Back To Not Work

Alessandra Ambrosio returned from Rio to her Brentwood routine of grabbing coffee, yoga in something low cut, and speaking kindly of her children you never see her with. Ambrosio was one of many Victoria's Secret models tasked with hosting human interest segments in their... read more

Ryan Lochte Prone To Exaggeration

Four years ago, following the London Olympics, Ryan Locthe reportedly lied about bedbugs in his hotel suite so he could move to a hotel closer to the bars he wanted to go to. That might mean you're an alcoholic although most people would develop a drinking problem if... read more

Lamar Odom Smoking The Pot

Lamar Odom has been hanging out in Rhode Island and smoking a ton of weed, a necessary activity should you ever find yourself in Rhode Island. This prompted Khloe Kardashian to cry about it on her reality show, which is ironically part of Odom's impetuous to slowly kill... read more

Bella Thorne Is Bisexual Too

Almost every single well-off white eighteen year old chick in this country is enrolled somewhere in college, real or fake. The remaining small percentage are left in Hollywood pretending to be lesbian. Somebody, probably Bella Thorne's publicist, asked Thorne innocuously... read more

Mr. Skin Has Sex with Emily on New Podcast

Sexpert Dr. Emily Morse, host of the hit podcast 'Sex with Emily', stops by the Mr. Skin Podcast this week for an episode dedicated to how women feel about sex and sex scenes. Is bush making a comeback? What are the challenges that merkin identification presents? What is... read more

Rio Paralympics Bans Russian Disabled

Three weeks after the conclusion of the Rio Olympics, the Brazilian city is welcoming thousands of disabled athletes from around the world so that disabled Rio street thugs can have a go at softer targets. That's just fair. read more