Karlie Kloss Koding Kamps and Kristen Stewart Muffin Twisting on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #72

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt and I go into deep superficial detail on Lola Kirke's preppy white girls problems (hint: it's abortion), Karlie Kloss and her concentration coding camps for girls who will never attend, Kristen Stewart biting hard on this... read more

Robin Thicke Excessive Spanking

Paula Patton is accusing her ex-husband Robin Thicke of spanking their six-year old son excessively. Also drugs and alcohol use, though only the first charge caused a thousand dudes in WeHo to get wicked hard. She wants to change the terms of their custody to... read more

The Bestiality, Murder, Child Rape Job at Microsoft Sounds Unpleasant

Every search engine company assigns some level of human interaction to their online safety programs. That's basically dudes in a room reviewing flagged content for levels of indecency. You see a lot of kiddy porn, torture rape, and gruesome murder photos. read more

Keke Palmer Gives Us A Peek And Shit Around The Web

Keke Palmer flashes some luscious cleavage and bare midriff. It's intentional so you can go ahead and treat her like a sex object and you can't be executed. read more

Miss Bumbum Erika Canela Gets A Trump Tattoo

The reigning Miss Bumbum from Brazil inked a Trump face tattoo on her back in what Erika Canela called an effort to rid Trump of his anti-Latin American, anti-female views. read more

Kim Kardashian Kills It in Dubai (VIDEO)

This is ultimately how the world comes together. Kim Kardashian receiving a standing ovation from thousands of women in hijabs who paid a small fortune to see her get made-up on stage in Dubai. read more

Serena Williams Can't Stop Looking Amazing

Every time Serena Williams introduces a new women's fashion line or accessory, it's hard not to be wrenched back to childhood when mom made you tell your aunt how much you loved your new unsightly Christmas sweater. read more

Joanna Krupa Can't Let the Snatch Smack Go

Joanna Krupa learned nothing from fending off charges of being an escort before making a decent buck in modeling. She's moved on to letting linger this lawsuit she filed against Real Housewives co-worker Brandi Glanville for claiming on air that Krupa both slept with... read more

Ashley Graham Hulk Smash

When you're known solely for capitalizing on a bizarre cultural perversion seeking to normalize obesity, doing a photo spread where you hoist up a twink is either the best or worst thing you can do. read more

Cody Alan Gay Hick

Country music DJ Cody Alan just revealed he's gay. You know when someone tips you off to a surprise party and you have to act like you're shocked? Alan being an obvious gay would be totally fine and harmless and good for the neighborhood if not for the fact that he was... read more

Taylor Swift Shows Off Little Round Ta-Tas And Shit Around The Web

Taylor Swift hits the town in a tight tank top at the gym. By hitting the town, that would be seven seconds from private car service to the backdoor of the gym with private bodyguard running interference. read more

The Hough Family Dancers Seem Tight

It's cute when little brothers and sisters dance together and perform little holiday numbers. It's more disturbing when they're dirty dancing at thirty. read more