Catarina Sikiniotis Flesh Colored Suit and Shit Around the Web

Alessandra Ambrosio in Bora Bora, Steffy Argelich in Vogue Spain, and more! read more

Hooters Final Call

This world isn't what is was before. Men are being shamed for maintaining an erection whilst gorging on commercial recipe buffalo wings and watching the game. Please don't tell me tits are going out of style. read more

Jennifer Lopez Showgirl For Paper Magazine

In addition to including A-list retirement home pageant queen Mariah Carey in their "We've Still got it, We Swear" issue, Paper Magazine slaps Jennifer Lopez on the cover with an interview revealing that she might be a little dumb. read more

Social Media Is Bad For Trophy Wives

Do no take on a young trophy wife if you're not willing to train. U.S Secretary of the Treasury and rich quivering chin former film executive, Steve Mnuchin, can't seem to control his third wife.  read more

Justin Beiber Rebukes Boxing Buddy Mayweather

The Hillside Church that is possessing the pop star's every move told Justin to remove all bad influences from his life. So relationships with 40-year-old illiterate millionaires who punch people for a living got tossed on the chopping block. read more

Beyoncé Wants You To Buy $300 Picture Book

WikiHow exists. It's free. It's the online version to get a general idea of how to do everything from hide a body to be an adult. Beyoncé exists. She does not believe in WikiHow or the general public's competence. read more

USC Accused Of Misspelled "Shakespeare" On $700M Project

Prospective college students not able to get into a California state school or a good college in general flock to the quads at the University of Southern California, where they make a solemn oath to talk relentlessly about USC at dinner parties for the rest of their... read more

Mark Wahlberg Highest Paid Actor

Women, and the men who are scared of them, are already complaining about how much money Mark Wahlberg, and second place earner, The Rock, make in annual movie pay compared to leading actresses. It's easy to complain about numbers when eliminating science from your... read more

Bill Cosby Brings Better Lawyer For Sex Retrial

Remaining the number one suggested name in a google search for celebrity most likely to drop drugs in a stranger's drink is no easy task. It takes hard work, hard drugs, and multiple sexual misconduct allegations.  read more

Robert Lee Screwed by ESPN

Not Robert E. Lee, the Confederate General who surrendered to the North at Appomattox Court House, but Asian American sports announcer, Robert Lee. ESPN pulled Lee from coverage of the UVA football game this coming weekend because it takes place in Charlottesville and his... read more

Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Alcohol Abuse

Now it all makes sense. She's been blind drunk this whole time. Chrissy Teigen is more relatable than ever, to alcoholics, in a new interview with Cosmopolitan where she opens up about her struggles with boozing. Cellulite, stretch marks, and now alcoholism? The Real... read more

Leo's Newest Pussy Posse Conquest and Shit Around the Web

  Jasmine Sanders rocks the Hamptons, Elizabeth Turner models lingerie, and more! read more