Rosie Huntington-Whiteley White Hot And Shit Around The Web

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is 180 pounds of bald clingy British dude away from being perfect. Assuming she's given up the acting altogether. read more

Kobe Bryant Teaches Kids to Channel Rage (VIDEO)

Kobe Bryant's entertainment venture is producing videos for children featuring Kobe talking to a "Little Mamba" puppet about good feelings and bad feelings. If you think anti-social feelings are going to be dismissed, you hardly understand life inside the Kobe Bryant... read more

Reality Survival Show Canceled; Nobody Tells Contestants

Whatever the latest version of Survivor is on reality television, it invariably involves putting a bunch of better than average looking millennials into the wild to eat bugs and pee in rivers. Everybody masturbates to something different. Don't judge. read more

Sarah Silverman Intends to Heal the Divide

Sarah Silverman locked up a new political talk show for the Hulu network where she intends to heal divisions in this nation by asking people to understand why she's right and you're wrong. It's a novel tactic tried largely unsuccessfully by parents on their teenagers... read more

Porn Stars Back on the Beach

If you're a champion of pornography rights under the guise of civil rights, you're a liar. But you've signed up for a solid cause. Women who fuck on camera for their 9 to 5 are people too. The men, not so much. read more

Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 38: Lesbian Sex and Malin Akerman's Boob

Billions is back on the Mr. Skin radar, thanks to one of Malin Akerman’s perky Swedish meatballs popping up on Showtime this weekend! Meanwhile HBO went the exact opposite direction, bringing out a Boogie Nights worthy prosthetic for Nicole Kidman to whack with a tennis... read more

Bar Refaeli Quickly Pregnant

Stories about supermodels being pregnant seem less immediate when you're quite certain you're not fucking supermodels. read more

Eminem's Daughter All Grown Up

Eminem's daughter Hailie Mathers turned twenty-one. The headline is how she's good looking, an earnest student at Michigan State, and appears to be troubled life free. read more

RuPaul Isn't Down for Gay BFF

Like every other man in the world RuPaul finds groups of bachelorette partying women to be completely insufferable. The obnoxious sloppy drunkenness, the stupid glowing penises, the completely incorrect notion that anyone else is amused by their behavior, but in his case... read more

Tomi Lahren Temporarily Unemployed

Tomi Lahren is a political commentator who just happens to look like a high end porn star. So, like any blond on Fox and maybe Wolf Blitzer. Lahren's one of those people who says incendiary things and pretends she doesn't understand why it's offensive. read more

Marci Wahl Jumps White House Wall for a Third Time and Shit Around The Web

White House fence jumper Marci Wahl is bat shit crazy, but surprisingly slender and good looking when washed. Her astrology healing videos are insane. She's also a Trump supporter. read more

Val Kilmer Gone Rogue

Depending on who you believe, Val Kilmer is either deathly ill or partying hard in the Hills on molly. He's either skinny as a death camp patron or fat as fuck and waiting on a heart transplant. The rumors swing both ways. Though never toward anything moderately healthy... read more