Devin Brugman Busting Out and Shit Around the Web

The SI Swimsuit Search continues, Ronja Furrer goes topless, and more! read more

R. Kelly Sex Brigade and Ariel Winter Squeezings on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #94

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we imagine how shitty the R. Kelly Sex Cult will look on your future job applications, consider how far Disney can bend over for multiculturalists, wind down the Mattress Girl story with zero lessons learned, discuss the cynical... read more

Usher Lets It Burn

Usher allegedly paid a woman $1.1 million after infecting her with herpes. Who knew such infectious music was inspired by an actual infection. read more

Makeup-Free Bella Thorne Scott Disick Walk Of Shameless

Bella Thorne is becoming the girl who cried dick, but the media doesn't seem excited to call her out on her bluff. The social media sensation could play a dumpster come to life in Beauty and the Beast while walking off a night with fake on again off again fuck buddy Scott... read more

Naked Chick Boxes Cops For The Gram

These days follower counts are directly correlated with self-esteem. It's NBA Finals game seven pressure when the numbers start to drop.  read more

Ashley Graham Drops Ten and Gets Naked

Every great feminist social cause on social media comes down to an excuse to get naked for clicks. All the tortured sidesteps and empowerment platitudes can't avoid the inevitable barely covered nude cheesecake selfies. The best body shaming and resist activists are naked... read more

Lena Dunham Nail In The Coffin For American Horror Story

Aging hipster Lena Dunham is further carrying out her master plan of being the most despised dough explosion on the planet by joining the next season of American Horror Story. Ryan Murphy's star-fucking saga has been marred by appearances by the likes of progressive Bud... read more

Ladies Golf Losing Skin

If you had a standing bet that ladies golf couldn't become any more meaningless, you've lost. The LPGA is modifying dress code rules for the tour to prevent women from wearing tight or revealing tops and shorter skirts. Thus punishing the half dozen pro golfers who are... read more

O.J. Simpson Not Written Up for Tugging Old Orenthal

Today's the day we find out if O.J. Simpson will be free to be glib and repetitive in second tier TV interviews for the next five years. O.J. hype is in full swing. It's like the circus came to town, and the sad elephants are back.   read more

Eva Longoria Busty at the Beach and Shit Around the Web

  Topless Dutch models, hottest bikini babes over 50, and more! read more

Madonna Demands Her Worn Panties Back

Madonna filed a lawsuit against an online auction site from brokering offers for her panties. It's like Sixteen Candles, or Hot Zone, since they were a previously worn pair and supposedly in CDC deep freeze. read more

Sexy Sandra Franca Is Miss Bumbum Russia

Sandra has been the "muse" of futbol in São Paulo before. So she is no stranger when it comes to playing with balls.  read more