Gigi Hadid Also Has a Disease

While Gigi Hadid's sister and mother must contend with self-diagnosed lyme disease and the various available Amazon home-blood transfusion kits that go with, Gigi has herself been keeping silent about her own Hashimoto's disease. read more

Kanye's Blond Ambition Tour

Kanye West has left the hospital where he spent over a week being treated for exhaustion, dehydration, and temporary psychosis. It's that last one that might give you pause since you only ever hear the term used by defense attorneys in murder trials. read more

Mick Jagger's 29 Year Old Girlfriend Gives Birth (Matt's Take on The Crone)

Through the aid of pharmaceutical technology and a shit load of money Mick Jagger impregnated this ballerina. She's 29. He's dead. You weren't going to continue ballet dancing forever, especially when the market for it doesn't exist. read more

Blac Chyna Legally Wants To Be A Kardashian

Blac Chyna legally married Rob Kardashian's sorrowful fat sap ass so she wants to file a trademark of her given name plus Kardashian the day after. Don't you feel like killing yourself for real now Rob? The other Kardashian whores are objecting to this because it cheapens... read more

Ballerina Melanie Hamrick Gives Mick Jagger Another Baby

Mick Jagger had his eighth kid by his fifth baby mama. He's been fucking babies into women for forty-six years now. The David Bowie years don't count as they produced no children. Jaggers's the pruny white sire equivalent of a Jets defensive back, only he has the securely... read more

Santa Body Shames Fat Kid

If Santa is telling you to lose weight you might have a problem, given that he himself is clinically obese. A nine year old North Carolina kid named Anthony Mayse went to visit Santa at the mall and told him he wanted an iPod Touch. Santa went through the motions, and... read more

SI Model Joy Corrigan Works Miami

People with tons of leisure time will invent any number of schemes to fill their calendar. This is why we're forced to pretend golf is a real sport or that nature has a need for exotic dogs. Art Basel is a roving showcase of wholly unnecessary commerce that lands every... read more

Nina Agdal Still in the DiCaprio Wheelhouse

According to sources close to this Danish bikini model, she and Leonardo DiCaprio have grown quite close and are super fond of one another. According to sources close to Leonardo DiCaprio, giggles followed by "What a clueless tard... did she really say that?". read more

Lea Michele Showing Off In A Blue Swimsuit And Shit Around The Web

Lea Michele shapely in a blue swimsuit on the set of Scream Queens. If you watch Scream Queens, trust that your parents already know that you're gay. Now give them a hug. read more

Miss Bumbum Battles Trolls With Bare Ass

Brazilians accept the fact that their annual hottest ass contest takes place about every six weeks and is primarily an excuse for older rich guys to hang around desperately competitive young women and get laid. So the very same as American pageants, except for that every... read more

Emily Ratajkowski Underboob Is Lifting All Women (VIDEO)

It's a tough spot to be a titty model pro-Hillary feminist these days. Like being an anti-roids professional wrestler or a politician who still fucks his own wife. Emily Ratajkowski makes her bones by way of a truly noteoworthy body, no matter how you may or may not favor... read more

Russell Crowe Didn't Beat up Azealia Banks Like She Said

Back in October Azealia Banks took time out of railing on white people to attend a super white movie person party in Russell Crowe's hotel suite in Beverly Hills where she claims Crowe was a less than hospitable host. read more