You Never Know Where A Book Might Take You

If you had to think of the last place you might ever find me, it would be on top of an unpaid beautiful woman or as a guest on the PBS show, To the Contrary. The long running national talk show featuring really smart grown up women talking about women for women. read more

Whore Beating Off To Von Miller

Elizabeth Ruiz, the woman accused of extorting Von Miller for $2.5 million over their sex tape now says she only kept the video so she could use it for masturbation. That's a clever excuse, sounds like your lawyer sucks. You'd have to wonder how this whole thing got... read more

The Japanese No Longer Fucking

Imagine an island filled with dudes who are not getting laid. Like a northeastern liberal arts college men's dorm, only much bigger. Young people in Japan are no longer fucking. They prefer comic books and online masturbation. read more

Blac Chyna Shedding

Blac Chyna alerted the world she's dropped over twenty pounds since delivering her commercial payload a few weeks back. She's got another thirty pounds to go. Or the equivalent of two hundred and forty seven on a personal of normal stature. read more

Karrueche Tran Ta-Tas On The Beach And Shit Around The Web

Famous for being Asian hot and letting Chris Brown stick his stick inside of her, Karrueche Tran bikinis well. read more

Mariah Carey Lights Up the Empire State

It's hard to explain the love affair between the New York City tourism board and Mariah Carey. She's become the unequivocal symbol of Yuletide celebration in the Big Apple. Either they're aged fanboys who giddily remember her dating Derek Jeter back in the last... read more

Polanski Never Coming Back

If you were hoping to spend next summer watching the Roman Polanski rape trial on CNN, forget it. A Polish court rejected what will probably be the final attempt by the U.S., to return Polanski for a couple questions on why he liquored up and sodomized a thirteen year old... read more

Carla Howe Can't Stop the Dance

Carla Howe and her twin sister Melissa thought conquering American reality show whore space was as simple as imitating the Kardashian playbook. So many have tried and failed down the same rabbit hole. read more

Kim Zolciak Jumpsuit Seems Stressed

Kim Zociak is breaking in two directions. Her face into something Versace as various sinew grafts and subdermal tissue begin to collapse upon themselves like a poorly constructed New Orleans levee, and her body into something that used to get fucked a lot in the 70's on... read more

Johnny Manziel Still Not Broke Somehow

Some awesome friend of Johnny Manziel posted a SnapChat of him pounding Fireball at 8 am in Miami for his 24th birthday but don't be fooled, Manziel does this shit everyday. So would most people if not for the dreaded hangovers, massive anxiety attacks, and in this case... read more

Khloe Kardashian Lashes Out

It's unclear whether or not there's a Kardashian curse when it comes to men. They've simply fucked too many of them to draw a reasonable sample size, not to mention most of the men they target have seriously personality disorders which tend to manifest themselves later in... read more

Aleexandra Khefren Is Selling Her Virginity

Here's a sign you're not to on the ball even by Romanian prostitution standards. You give yourself a fake Western name and spell Alexandra with two 'e's' in order to fuck up all your SEO. read more