Irina Shayk Wears An Arm Bra And Shit Around The Web

Irina Shayk wears an arm bra and nothing else. Fuck Bradley Cooper comes to mind right about now. read more

Mariah Wants Fifty Mill to Go Away

If there's one thing Mariah Carey doesn't need in life, it's more money. By all accounts, she's flat loaded, somewhere in the half-billion range. Nevertheless, she's punishing her now ex-fiancee James Packer by pushing the idea he owes her fifty million. read more

Bella Hadid Good at Pretend (VIDEO)

Bella Hadid and Victoria's Secret put out a video pretending it was unclear whether or not Bella Hadid would get a nod to walk in their annual fashion show next month in Paris. She's got 7.1 million followers on Instagram. read more

Minka Kelly Has Never Shown Her Tits, Am I Right? (Mr. Skin Minute VIDEO)

Fuck if I know. Mr. Skin knows. He's got a niche and he's filled it with the cum total of his knowledge. read more

Lady Gaga Commitment (VIDEO)

One label you can't lay on Lady Gaga is lazy. She promotes the ever living shit out of her albums. read more

Chloe Lattanzi Highly Customized Body Dysmorphia

Olivia Newton-John's now thirty year old daughter and occasional invite to Hollywood parties is speaking out to young women about body dysmorphia. Chloe Lattanzi manages not to mention her enormous fake breasts as part of the hindsight learning lesson: read more

Mariah Carey Dumped By Billionaire Boyfriend

Inherited billionaire James Packer has dumped fiancee Mariah Carey for several reasons. Mostly he realized he could fuck way hotter chicks who are way less annoying, although he reportedly has a fetish for extremely bloated tits that look like she has an ass on her chest... read more

Miranda Kerr's Violent Stalker A Hunk

The guy who jumped Miranda Kerr's fence holding a love letter and then stabbed her security guard in the eye is apparently a real casanova. Who knows, she might still fall in love with him read more

Hillary Clinton Glass Ceiling Analogies Causing Some to Achieve Their First Real Orgasm

Among the frothier set of Clinton devotees, perhaps no self-described news outlet has flicked its collective bean so fast and furious as The Huffington Post. The super diverse all-white female millennial editorialists of the impassioned lady blog have been creaming in... read more

Blac Chyna Shows Off Ass/Cars And Shit Around The Web

Blac Chyna wants you to know she has lots of cars and a big ass. If she came up with a third thing that might be surprising, but cars and big ass we're pretty solid on. read more

Gwyneth Paltrow Shitty Dress for Date with Gay Ambassador

For every man out there who detests Gwyneth Paltrow and her non-reflective bit of self-perfection, there's an extremely well-dressed gay U.S. official out there to take her to swank affairs in Spain. read more

Trick Daddy Wants Black Ho's To Tighten Up (VIDEO)

Obama came in with tremendous fanfare as the first black President but what did he really accomplish for his own disadvantaged minority group after eight years in office? Even black leaders and media figures of late have been looking back on the Obama years and lamenting... read more